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TI11 Group Stage: Day 1 Recap

TI11 Group Stage: Day 1 Recap
  • PublishedOctober 17, 2022

The biggest DOTA 2 tournament of the year has now gone underway! The International 2022 officially started yesterday, October 15, 2022. The Group Stage fired off the opening salvo; twenty teams will fight it out for the chance to win it all. Two groups with ten teams will battle in a round-robin format in a best of 2 series. The top four teams in each group will qualify for the Upper Bracket in the playoffs, and fifth to eighth-place teams will be in the Lower Bracket. The bottom two of each group will get eliminated from the tournament.

Group A

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Day 1 in Group A had some clear winners and clear losers. Some teams are off to a fantastic start, and others are having trouble getting things their way. Evil Geniuses surprised everyone and went on to claim the top spot on the first day, winning six out of six of their games, talk about an underdog story. Royal Never Give Up followed suit at the second spot, finishing the day at five wins and one loss. OG and Team Liquid are tied up at the 3rd and 4th spots, winning four out of six apiece. Gaimin Gladiators and Hokori settle for 5th and 6th, both having an even three wins and three losses for the day. PSG.LGD and Soniqs had a disappointing day winning only two games and losing four. South East Asia representative, BOOM Esports, is in danger of elimination finishing the day in the 7th spot after losing five games out of six. BetBoom rounds out the group at the last spot after being winless in six games.

Group B

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Day 1 in Group B was tightly contested as teams were evenly matched. The top four spots are a four-way tie between Team Aster, Team Secret, TI10 Champion Team Spirit, and Thunder Awaken, each winning three games and losing one game. TSM FTX and Tundra are tied for fourth and fifth place, with both teams going even, winning two out of four games. We have another four-way tie between beastcoast, Entity, and South East Asia representatives Fnatic and Talon. They occupy the bottom four spots of the group, finishing day 1 of the group stage with only one win out of four total games. 

The International 2022 has just started, and more action will come. We inch closer and closer to the conclusion of the year’s biggest tournament. Which team will get to claim the aegis this TI11?

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