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The Ascension Of The Crownless King; DRX wins Worlds 2022

The Ascension Of The Crownless King; DRX wins Worlds 2022
  • PublishedNovember 8, 2022

Worlds 2022 ended in a fantastic fashion as the Grand Finals went the distance going through all five games. DRX versus T1, the clash of heavyweights and awe-inspiring storylines, was the talk of the town. The Return of the Unkillable Demon King and the Ascension of the Crownless King. The legacies of legendary players DRX Deft and T1 Faker are on the line in this series. A genuinely sensational Grand Final worth remembering in years to come. Let’s dive deeper into what went on in the Grand Finals of Worlds 2022.

Game 1

T1 1-0 DRX

Three dragons, one baron buff, in 21 minutes for T1. T1’s near-perfect early game map control is one of the defining factors for their game-one win, netting objectives left and right. T1 claimed the second baron buff in 27 minutes and Ocean Soul in 29 minutes. T1 Faker was dominating with his Azir, and with a plethora of buffs and an eight thousand gold lead, DRX was overwhelmed in the first game.

Game 2

T1 1-1 DRX

In the 11th minute, DRX gave up three kills to T1 in the Top Lane, giving T1 a two thousand gold lead. DRX was able to equalize the gold lead by the 20th-minute mark with kills of their own. DRX won a massive clash over T1 at the Dragon in 33 minutes, killing four T1 members, which led to DRX securing the Baron. T1 finds their momentum in the 39th minute after killing two DRX members and stealing the Ocean Drake. However, DRX eliminated T1 in a massive clash for the important Baron buff, leading to them winning game two.

Game 3

T1 2-1 DRX

Game three was pretty even for both teams until the 22nd minute. T1 Oner made a massive play in the 24th minute stealing away the Baron from DRX with smite that led to four kills. In the 31st minute, T1 Gumayusi was able to do the unthinkable and steal the Baron yet again from DRX. T1 wins game three.

Game 4

T1 2-2 DRX

DRX got T1’s number in the early game after securing multiple kills on the map that led to them having a five thousand gold lead in 20 minutes. T1 simply had no answer for DRX all game long, with DRX Pyosik and  DRX Kingen leading the charge. DRX survives and wins game four after 28 minutes of action.

Game 5

T1 2-3 DRX

The final game of Worlds 2022, DRX versus T1, game five of the Grand Finals, is one for the history books. DRX Kingen was absolutely monstrous with his Aatrox early in the elimination match, with T1 cannot do anything against him but run. T1 Gumayusi stole once again the crucial Baron buff away from DRX at the 20th-minute mark. T1 found their resurgence with the Baron buff netting them a couple of kills and the bottom inhibitor of DRX. DRX claimed the Cloud Soul, and T1 claimed the Baron buff in the 31st minute. As DRX secured the Elder Dragon, T1 tried to split push into the base of DRX but could not accomplish anything and lost two of its members along with their jungler.

DRX secured game five to claim the most coveted Summoner’s Cup of Worlds 2022. DRX Deft finally claims his first championship. A well-deserved win for DRX and a hard-fought series for T1. We commend both of these teams for going the distance.

*Featured image via LOL Esports’ Official Facebook Page

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