Team UwU Finally Gets Signed By Bleed Esports

Team UwU Finally Gets Signed By Bleed Esports
  • PublishedOctober 2, 2021

Singaporean Team UwU finally got signed by an organization thanks to Bleed eSports after being orgless for a while.

In the Twitter debut post by Bleed, Team UwU’s roster was signed as Bleed eSport’s first-ever esports team and roster for Valorant.

“Here comes the party! We have just signed our very first esports team and we are excited to welcome members from the Team UwU roster!,” Bleed eSports tweeted.

The current roster for Bleed eSports is composed of Ian “Chrysania” Chin, Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam, Justin “Jarpix” Pooi, Darren “FirstLove” Mok, and  Lee “LEXY” Jun Hao Xavier.

“We’re really hyped about being signed by an organization because this is something that we’ve been trying to achieve for a while now ever since our recent VCT results. Finally being signed by an organization is really exciting for us and we’re even more motivated now to practice harder and to show what we are capable of,” Chrysania stated in our interview. 

When asked about what the future holds for them, Chrysania revealed they want to establish themselves as one of the best teams in SEA.

“I think we’re just gonna be focusing on to be one of the best teams in SEA and hopefully [be] able to qualify for more big tournaments [while] showcasing to the world that teams in SEA are world-class too.”

Bleed also recently hired former Louvre coach Aaron “Eno” Cheah to become the team’s coach.

“It is honestly surreal to me to be finally signed to an org. If I could tell myself 2 years ago that I will be a professional coach, I would never have believed it,” Eno stated in a private inquiry. “I think this team has all the tools needed to be world-class. The only step now is to put them into action. We will build a legacy.”

Bleed eSports’ first international debut tournament is from our KJC eSports Invitationals. They have recently fought against Five Ace e-Sports in Group D where they dominated them in their matchup by going 2-0.

Their next match will be against Sharper Esports. Watch them get frags and win rounds at our official Twitch channel.

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