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Team Secret’s DubsteP Reveals Filipino Teams Tougher Than Entire APAC

Team Secret’s Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan revealed in a post-match interview that Filipino teams are tougher in contrast with the rest of the APAC region.

“The most challenging thing about VCT PH, in general, is how you play against Filipino teams,” DubsteP stated in their post-match interview against Oasis Gaming in the VCT-PH Stage 2: Challengers group stages.

Team Secret is currently having a great time at the VCT-PH Stage 2: Challengers group stage as they currently boast an undefeated record. 

They first defeated South Built Esports 2-1, where they ended the series in a dominant fashion via a 13-0 win, with an ace from Kevin “dispenser” Te to cap it off, on Haven. Meanwhile, their second match also ended well for them as they swept Oasis Gaming 2-0.

“It’s so different compared to the APAC teams. For us, we don’t really struggle a lot on APAC teams,” DubsteP also mentioned in the same post-match interview.

DubsteP then revealed that their post-Berlin performance at Champions 2021 put a ton of pressure on the team. The pressure to perform well consistently may be a factor as to why they had a less than stellar performance in the previous VCT stage. 

However, with their recent performance at this stage, DubsteP and the rest of the Team Secret squad seemed to be back on track as one of the best teams in Philippine VALORANT.

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