Team Secret Puts SEA Valorant Back on the Map

Team Secret Puts SEA Valorant Back on the Map
  • PublishedJanuary 4, 2022

During their first LAN debut, Team Secret steals the spotlight as they showcase their skills to the whole world.

The all-Filipino squad wowed the world at the Valorant Champions 2021 with a 5th-6th finish. They definitely stole the spotlight during their group stage matches, surprising not only their opponents, casters, and analysts but the whole Valorant world itself. 

Team Secret started slow but found their groove eventually

Among their opponents during the whole tournament, the team found it the most challenging to play against the previous Valorant Masters Berlin Champions, Gambit and Team Acend. According to Dispenser, the two teams have the same gameplay, especially in Breeze. Both use their utilities nicely and rush as a squad, leaving them to bite the dust.

We asked the team how they felt during their journey in the tournament while playing against those top-notch teams. 

Jessievash: After playing against Gambit and winning against Crazy Racoon, the teams are more comfortable playing in a LAN setup, like no pressure at all. I can tell that the team feels really confident playing against Vikings that’s why everything was smooth for us. 

Dubstep: Playing on this level was a great experience for me specifically. It’s a dream come true and I hope to compete in the same stage again in the future. I will do everything I can to be able to compete at that level again. At first, I was intimidated by the players like TenZ, cNed and yay but as the days goes by I realized we are all players playing in VCT Champions and there was nothing to worry about.

Borkum explains their catchy walk-in entrances

Walk-in entrances before each match have been an entertainment part of VCT. Every team would be coming up with their own fun ways to set the mood. But Team Secret took it to the next level while repping Filipino pride. 

They did nostalgic Filipino antics that not only hyped them up but the whole Filipino fans cheering from them. 

“Everyone we’re asking and suggesting what should we do. But our match against Crazy Racoon was different because Otso-Otso and Luksong baka were decided on the spot before we do the walk-in entrance. Every entrance of the team is different, we just want to have fun, give some entertainment for our supporters and especially all the viewers.”, Borkum shared, highlighting how it screams Filipino pride in their own way. 

SEA Region houses undiscovered gems 

Despite their early exit from the tournament, it did give a big boost for other SEA and Philippine teams, according to Gibo. And just like Gibo, team manager Yamyam hopes that the squad’s efforts have shown what SEA has to offer in the scene. 

“I always tell this whenever someone or some organizations want to expand here in the Philippines or start in Southeast Asia. It will never be easy but just try your best.”

Their journey at the Valorant Champions 2021 might have ended but Team Secret’s dream burns brighter than ever. The show is just starting and the world better be ready for some good ol’ Filipino Valorant.

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