Team Big BAAM Shockingly Disbands VALORANT Roster

Team Big BAAM Shockingly Disbands VALORANT Roster
  • PublishedJuly 6, 2022

Just after their stint at the VALORANT Champions Tour Asia-Pacific Stage 2: Challengers Play-Ins, Team Big BAAM shockingly disbanded their VALORANT roster.

In a roughly translated Facebook post of their announcement, Big BAAM revealed that the team was only meant to be a stepping stone for VALORANT players as they aimed to develop their talent and was never meant to last. 

Apparently, they decided to pull the plug on the team after they noticed that there is no one left with the desire and ambition to go abroad.

“Sincerely, [we] thank all the fans who have supported the team from the beginning until today. Although we are no longer competing together on the same line, I hope you will still cheer for [Trần Đức “Mowff” Minh, Phạm Huỳnh Toàn “d0rf” Quốc, Nhatthong2k,Nguyễn Tuấn “nTK” Kiệt, Nguyễn “P1nA2k4” Nam, and Hoàng “Vizzz” Việt] as well as [Dương Phúc “mo3f” Hiếu, Cuppycake, Ngô Công “crazyguy” Anh,] and Mr. Shouta – who have built this team together. And finally, [we] wish [them] all success on [their] way,” Big BAAM stated in a rough translation of their original statement.

As of their announcement, the entire roster of Team Big BAAM are currently free agents and without a team.

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