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Stomp, Shatter, Subdue: Looking through Renata Glasc

Stomp, Shatter, Subdue: Looking through Renata Glasc
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2022

The new year has just reared its head, but we already have two new League of Legends champions coming to greet us inside the game’s chaos-filled world.

Within just a couple of weeks after the release of the electrifying Zeri not to be confused with Valorant’s Neon), another Zaunite is coming to wreak havoc in Summoner’s Rift. Her name is Renata Glasc, and she is ready to stomp and shatter the pre-existing idea that support champions are incapable of pulling the strings (or rather strengthen the notion that they can do that too).

Photo from Riot Games

Renata Glasc is a chem-baroness from the nether city of Zaun, and as we have all picked from Riot Games’ hit animated series Arcane, chem-barons and baronesses utilize the power of the chemtech drug called “Shimmer” as a means to maintain their rule in the Undercity. Similarly, Renata uses the drug the same way in-game, to help her turn the tide of any battle towards her favor.

Renata’s kit is quite loaded for a support champion, giving her access to an enchanter’s attack-boosting skills, a disruptor’s root and stun, and a death-canceling skill. Yep, we haven’t even talked about her ultimate yet.

Her passive skill, Leverage, marks her enemies with each basic attack she deals to the enemy, which her allies then consume to deal additional damage. The passive skill also makes her basic attacks deal bonus damage, making it very hitpoint-expensive to deal with her in the botlane.

Renata Glasc’s welcome skin, Admiral Glasc (Riot Games)

Her root-and-stun is in her Q skill, aptly named Handshake. Simply put, the skill works like Zac’s Q skill, except instead of banging two enemies into each other, you can choose to just yeet the enemy you’re holding, damaging any enemies hit in its wake, and stunning them if the thrown enemy was a champion.

Her W skill, Bailout, is a Zilean ultimate sprinkled with a little bit of shimmer. When cast, it grants an allied unit attack speed and movement speed toward enemies, which is reset everytime the ally gets a takedown. Pretty standard, right? Well, here’s another thing about this skill. If the casted ally would die while under the effects of the skill, their health is set back to full, but they burn to death over three seconds. However, if the ally gets a kill, then the burning debuff is lifted. Imagine using this on a well-fed Tryndamere. 

Her E skill is Loyalty Program, which launches a pair of rockets which shields allies hit by the trajectory and damages and slows any enemies that it passes through. These rockets also apply the effects on her during cast and during their explosion at max range. This makes her an excellent shielding support, who can cast long-range shields while also slowing down any enemies thinking to approach your allies.

Just when you think this suit-wearing strutting spunky momma is complete, you get to her ultimate. Hostile Takeover unleashes chaos in the battlefield of Summoner’s Rift. Her ultimate lets her send out a chemical cloud that causes enemies in its wake to go Berserk. Berserk is a new mechanic/status condition in League of Legends that causes champions to go into a rage that raises their attack speed and forces them to attack anything around them, including allies. Imagine using this on a well-fed Tryndamere.

Renata is a refreshing sight for support mains. She seems overloaded, sure, but that may be what Riot Games was going for, an extremely powerful champion who prefers to let the others do the bulk of the work, while she pulls the strings behind the scenes.

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