Spotlight: Zeal Esports — The Cebuano Darlings of Filipino VALORANT

Spotlight: Zeal Esports — The Cebuano Darlings of Filipino VALORANT
  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2022

Zeal Esports is a team that barely needs an introduction. After all, they won our first tournament, the KJC VALORANT Tournament: One. However, if you actually don’t know much about them then don’t fret as we’re here to tell you more about Zeal Esports. Here’s a quick rundown below:

Zeal Esports is a team that originates from Cebu, Philippines. The Cebuano-based roster has consistently performed well, even back during the days when they used to represent their former organization 6045Pirates.

Despite their relative success in the Filipino VALORANT scene, the offseason transformed the look of Zeal Esports. First, the team’s in-game leader (IGL) Dominique “N1CO” Tul-id retired while Vince “Flash” Medado opted to become a restricted free agent. Shortly after that, they officially released Flash from the team as he eventually went to the newly formed Filipino RRQ roster. With empty spots to fill, they moved up Craig “craigys” Salgado from being a substitute to become the new IGL while they soon picked up Cyle “beats” Pontilar after trialing him out.

With that said, we caught up with Coach Yuki “Zyki” Uruma to talk about their team for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers. Here’s how the interview went:

What are your sentiments about the coming group stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers?

Coach Zyki: I am excited. [Zeal Esports is] focused because we have a lot to prove [again as a team].

What are your thoughts on the new VCT format?

Coach Zyki: [I find it] unusual since this is a first [for us in VCT].

What are Zeal’s realistic goals and aspirational goals for the org and roster?

Coach Zyki: [We would like] to represent the Philippines in the [upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Masters]. [We would also like] to represent [Southeast Asia] and win the championship in the [next VALORANT Champions].

How big of a loss was N1co’s and Flash’s departure for Zeal?

Coach Zyki: I consider it a big loss since we lost a family member but nevertheless I’m still happy with the outcome because their career would still bloom outside our org.

Considering beats and FIRESYJN have been good friends for quite some time, is this the reason behind his signing?

Coach Zyki: Partly yes but the reason why we chose beats is because of the achievements he achieved and the talent I saw in him and also the comms since his language is Bisaya and English.

Which team do you guys think is the team to defeat this season? Why?

Coach Zyki: [I personally think] Team Secret and South Built Esports because they are both consistent and [composed of multiple] veterans in the [FPS] scene.

Zeal Esports will be facing off against South Built Esports, NAOS Esports, and Looking for Org in Group B of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers. 

The Bren Esports roster is as follows:

  • Players
    • Carl Alexander “senyorcarL” Carandang
    • Keith “FIRESYJN” Madarang
    • James “2ge” Goopio
    • Craig “craigys” Salgado
    • Cyle “beats” Pontilar
  • Support Staff

Yuki “Zyki” Uruma (Coach)

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