Spotlight – The New Look Attack All Around Squad

Spotlight – The New Look Attack All Around Squad
  • PublishedFebruary 17, 2022

Attack All Around (AAA) has been in the Thai VALORANT scene since the first-person shooter came out in mid-2020. It was never really a surprise since Thailand has always had a strong FPS esports scene. AAA is indeed one of the country’s premier organizations. 

AAA blazed through SEA VALORANT year one, racking up several podium finishes in local and regional competitions. However, the org’s roster struggled to find a proper footing during the inaugural VALORANT Champions Tour. With VCT 2022 well underway, AAA has a fresh-looking roster composed of impressive talent with ties to both Europe and SEA’s CS:GO scene. 

KJC eSports was lucky enough to connect with the members of the Attack All Around VALORANT roster. Here’s what they had to say:

What are the team’s thoughts about the coming group stage VCT 2022? (The way different teams have played, thoughts on the teams that have qualified)

VCT this year is definitely more competitive than it’s ever been, being there are 16 teams just in the group stage itself. We’re excited to show what we have to offer this year with the new roster, and our goal is definitely to qualify for playoffs and to take one of the top 3 slots into APAC Challengers. There is something unique about Thai teams, in the sense that people are taking different styles from all over the world and implementing them into their own gameplay, making it harder to prepare for, but also making matches more interesting for us and the viewers.


What are the team’s thoughts on the new VCT Format?

Honestly, we like the format this year for VCT Thailand. We think there are alot of quality teams in Thailand right now, and 16 slots gives most of them a chance to show what they’re capable of on the big stage. We’re not a big fan of the Single Elimination playoffs, but that’s probably the downside to having more teams in the group stage. //Som

AAA’s new roster is partially formed by ex-The Infinity Esports members in Kromex, som, and khanbigd — what is it about this core that attracted AAA to picking them up?

I think the combined experience and International background we have as a team definitely makes us unique. Kromex, Khan, Olite and I are all Halfies. Kromex, Olite and I being half English/Thai, and Khan being half Belgian/Thai. With Fake being our IGL, everything just clicks because we all communicate in English. The core of the team also has many individual achievements, spanning across CS:GO and Valorant. Kromex was part of the original AAA roster that were at the top of the SEA scene back when the game first released. Khan is ex MiTH and has a wealth of tournament experience that also stems from CS:GO. I’m a former CS:GO pro from the UK that has played all of Europe’s best, including being in a team with T1’s Steel back in the day. //Som

In the interest of VALORANT fans who are not so familiar with the Thai scene, could you tell us more about ROLEX and why AAA decided to pick him up? What teams he’s played for and what made the org trust him over other available players?

ROLEX is our duelist superstar. His ability to entry for us as our duelist makes him a formidable force, but his ability to outplay his opponents with positioning and timing makes him unique, especially as someone playing the duelist role. His wealth of CS:GO experience is such a huge factor into why he can play in this way, and why AAA decided to pick him up. ROLEX’s CS:GO background includes teams such MiTH, Signature, Beyond, Zigma and many other top teams.  //Som

Fake, you spent the early days of your VALORANT career in Finland, what made you decide to fly across and try things in Thailand/SEA? Briefly tell us about your journey to joining Attack All Around. 

It is actually a little surprising that I am playing here now. When my old team in Finland decided not to continue I started looking for options to move back here in Thailand as I did live here before for 4 years. I actually came here to do my Master degree and got approached by Kromex asking if I was still feeling the itch to play so here we are now, hah.

I used to play csgo here before for teams such as MiTH and J2G with Bntet and Xcurate so some people here know me.


Also for Fake: How has the transition to playing in a new country/environment been?

I’ve played in Asia before and I’ve lived here before so I like it and everything has been smooth so far. In game wise everything here is kinda different compared to Europe and I am trying to make things more calculated and disciplined. I find it that there are absolutely insanely skilled individuals here, but Asian teams are lacking in leading and structure.


One more for Fake: You join the likes of Pyth and maxie, who will compete for BLEED Esports in MY/SG, as the first few European pros to explore a career in Southeast Asia. Do you see this as a growing trend in the future? Why?

I’ve lived and played here before and comparing how esport has grown here during the past 5 year is insane. I think we very well might see this trend continuing. There’s a lot of money here and that is attractive.


As of writing, AAA have yet to drop a map since the open qualifier of the Thailand VCT 2022 Stage 1. The team has been grouped with Aricat Esports, Heat Waves, and SEA representatives for VALORANT Champions 2021, Full Sense. 

Fake, Kromex and the rest of the team face Aricat Esports next on February 18. 

The current Attack All Around Roster is as follows:

Joonas “Fake” Oikarinen
Harry “Kromex” Webster
Khan “KhanBigD” Wautier
Somprasert “Som” Haddow
Warittorn “ROLEX” Kalanukan
Leon “OLite” Webster (Coach)

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