Spotlight: Paper Rex & VCT APAC 2022

Spotlight: Paper Rex & VCT APAC 2022
  • PublishedFebruary 16, 2022

Paper Rex is a household name in the SEA (now APAC) Valorant esports scene. They’ve dominated the region in the past, together with teams like BREN Esports, X10, and BLEED Esports. This time, they are more ready than ever to take the VCT challenge and make their way to the top of the highest rung in the ladder of the Valorant esports scene, the Valorant champions.

Photo from Paper Rex’s Official Twitter account

KJC eSports has had the opportunity to contact Paper Rex and conduct an interview asking some questions leading into the first games of VCT 2022. Here are the things that they had to say in our little interview.

We asked the team what their sentiments were going forward with VCT 2022 Group Stage, Aaron “mindfreak” Leonhart said that he is “really happy to be back playing. We’ve not played a tournament since December, thus I’m looking forward to participating in the new season. Our goal is to repeat our previous success again. However, we do feel that our group looks reasonably hard compared to others this season.” Paper Rex is in Group A of the SG/MY region, clumped up with powerhouses such as Todak, Fastelle, and “You Guys Get Paid?”, with the latter having lost to Paper Rex in last week’s first series of games for VCT 2022.

The new VCT format for 2022 is a welcoming idea for the team. Coach Alexandre “alecks” Sallé said that he “really likes” the new format, saying that the past format was a bit unforgiving for teams like SMG, who had qualified in the past events, but failed to qualify for the last Masters event due to a bad map in a BO1 game. He also said that he thinks the league system of the APAC VCT would be interesting strategy-wise, saying that “there will be a lot of anti-stratting at the tail end of the league for sure,” and that it could benefit teams such as FULL SENSE, who have a wide variation of agent compositions.

When talking about their goals in this new season, team manager Joshua “JdFaker” Fok said that their current and short-term goal is to be able to attend Masters 1. “I feel that our team is well rested and well prepared for this tournament,” he added. As for long-term goals, he said that reaching Champions would be the team’s dream this season, hoping to get their name and brand recognition in the main stage.

The arrival of Neon not only brought SEA representation in the Valorant Agents roster, but she has also been seen as a fresh breath of air for duelists. Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto, the team’s main duelist, says that she finds Neon to be a “very annoying hero because of the skills she has, one being her really good stun and ability to quickly reposition.” He also thinks that Neon will be seeing a lot of usage in the professional scene, especially on maps where she can utilize her stun utility well.

Paper Rex and its roster are more than ready to face any opposition that comes their way, and they are looking to beat BLEED Esports with their recently-added EU imports. They are also looking to beat APAC legends like Team Secret, XERXIA, and FULL SENSE.

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