Spotlight: Oasis Gaming Comes Back Stronger Than Ever

Spotlight: Oasis Gaming Comes Back Stronger Than Ever
  • PublishedFebruary 17, 2022

Ever since their Chimera roster, Oasis Gaming has been a notable team in the PH VALORANT scene. They’ve racked up multiple tournament accolades and have been consistently part of the VCT PH mainstage. Naming them as one of the crowd favorites isn’t a lie as their organization also has quite the social media following.

Oasis is known for changing up its roster frequently. Originally starting with 2 rosters with the Chimera and CTNx rosters, the organization decided to only have 1 official roster which also had multiple variations last year. Some prominent players in the PH VALORANT scene who had stints in Oasis Gaming include Trixtan “Tr1x” Viray (RRQ), Zachary “BraiNfreeZe” Bajarias (Bren Esports), Cyle “beats” Pontilar (Zeal Esports), and Ian “Worship” Ga (Amethaverse Esports).

After their appearance at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs last year, Dodj “Gadoerzz” Gutierrez was removed from the roster followed by former head coach Chelceed “Maark” Viernes leaving the team and Tr1x’s departure for RRQ.

With that said, we caught up with Coach Vic “Flufee” Villavicencio to talk about their team for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers. Here’s how the interview went:

What are your sentiments about the coming group stage VCT 2022? 

Coach Flufee: I’m very excited for the upcoming group stage for VCT 2022, the players have put in a lot of hard work in developing their synergy since the addition of Wild0reoo last December and our new dynamic has really shown well during our recent events so far this 2022 so I’m very hopeful for our showing this VCT. the team feels strong.

What are Oasis Gaming’s realistic goals and aspirational goals for the org and roster?

Coach Flufee: I’m very confident in the roster we have going into 2022, I believe that if we remain consistent and adapt faster we will hopefully be able to take the entire thing, most of the team are VCT winners so they have the experience but realistically I do believe we can get to playoffs but that being said our bracket looks very challenging so we shall see! a lot of great teams are out there but I strongly believe in ours!

What are your thoughts on the new VCT format? 

Coach Flufee: I think this VCT format will be a struggle for teams who have limited practice as the group stages will have teams playing against each other twice, meaning after the first couple of matches they will learn and adapt faster. I feel like this VCT would be more interesting if after the first round of matches we play teams from the other group instead of repeating. That being said, knowing that those are the challenges ahead of teams I do feel like the team that adapts the fastest will be the team that succeeds the most.

How tough was it to get through the qualifier? 

Coach Flufee: I think the newfound confidence in the team carried Oasis through the qualifier very well, especially the combination of great communication and quick adjustments. SBE was probably the most well-known team we faced during the qualifier and I believe the game results speak for themselves. The boys really put the heavy lifting during the games they have been paying and, hopefully, it will carry on during VCT.

Having filled the spot Coach Maark left, do you feel pressured in your turn as Oasis Gaming’s new coach? 

Coach Flufee: Not really. Coach Maark taught me the basics of what a coach’s role is in a team and I’ll never forget him telling me that the coach is there for whatever the players need (be it in or out of the game, or with strats or breaks, etc.), I believe every coach has a different coaching style, some more effective than others. There are some coaches whose strengths are very analytical and theoretical & some who have been pros before whos strengths lie in experience so right now i feel comfortable with the balance I have with the team but, to be frank, knowing they have a lot of experience I also trust my players enough that they can make decisions for themselves and ill do my best to support them in any way.

Which team do you guys think is the team to defeat this season? Why?

Coach Flufee: It’s really hard to say. Everyone in our bracket seems very strong on their own, Team Secret [being one of the teams to defeat] for obvious reasons. [Action PH] and Bren’s new roster as well are strong teams so I can’t really say who’s the biggest challenge as most teams have also been practicing. With not many recent events, I’m sure they have a lot of things in their pocket for them to pull out this VCT. At the end of the day, it’s the team thats best on the day that matters. i believe our team has a strong chance of making it through.

Oasis Gaming is currently ranked second in Group A of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: Philippines Stage 1 Challengers. They will be facing off against Team Secret, Action PH, and Bren Esports again this week to determine the final rankings in their group.

The Oasis Gaming roster is as follows:

  • Players
    • Mark Louis “Ripper” Laguardia
    • Kurt “kurtesy” Cinco
    • Mark “Markyyy” Tuling
    • Bhreyanne “Wild0reoo” Reyes
    • Omar “coco” Lopez
    • Adrian “invy” Reyes
  • Support Staff
    • Vic “Flufee” Villavicencio (Coach)
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