South Built Esports Lets Go of Micr0

South Built Esports Lets Go of Micr0
  • PublishedJuly 3, 2022

The VALORANT offseason moves (for teams who didn’t qualify to either the Copenhagen Masters or Last Chance Qualifiers at least) continue as South Built Esports (SBE) lets go of Elmer “micr0” Coloma.

“Thank you Micr0. His journey with us may have been over, but for Micr0, it’s just the beginning of his own as he explores being a main 5 and unlock his full potential. You will always be part of our SBE Family,” SBE announced.

Meanwhile, Micr0 felt grateful towards his former team as revealed in a quoted tweet of his departure.

“I’m really grateful that I had the chance to be a part of [SBE],” the former SBE sixth man stated.  “To my teammates, thanks for everything. I’ve learned a lot playing with [you boys]. We’ve accomplished a lot together as a team. Looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future,” he continued.

As for now, Micr0 is currently a free agent and is actively looking for a team. Meanwhile, SBE has yet to announce anything about whether or not they’re in a search for another sixth man.

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