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South Built Esports forfeits first game due to power outage, loses series against RRQ Philippines

South Built Esports (SBE) forfeited the first game on Ascent due to a power outage on their bootcamp as they lost their series against Rex Regum Qeon Philippines (RRQ PH).

Their matchup started with a fairly normal match at Ascent prior to the half-time. RRQ PH and SBE were tied in the first half of the game. However, a long technical pause during the half-time ended with RRQ PH being granted a default win.

Via Philip “flippy” Marique’s Twitter

A tweet from SBE’s flippy revealed a behind-the-scenes look at their unfortunate bootcamp situation. He simply tweeted a photo of their bootcamp with a “sad brownout” as the accompanying caption.

Despite that early misfortune, SBE managed to bounce back come their second game on Icebox. SBE managed to win game 2 in a close 13-10 scoreline without a duelist in their composition (which neither team had any as they both had the same team composition).

Unfortunately for SBE, their game 3 curse (which they got from their match yesterday against Team Secret wherein they lost 13-0 in Haven) was still in effect as they lost on Split 13-4.

With this loss, SBE currently has 1 win (against NAOS Esports) and two losses (from RRQ PH and Team Secret), which is currently enough for them to sit within playoffs contention for now.

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