RRQ Philippines Wins Against Ghetto Artist, Proceeds to VCT APAC Stage 2 Groups

RRQ Philippines Wins Against Ghetto Artist, Proceeds to VCT APAC Stage 2 Groups
  • PublishedJune 12, 2022

Rex Regum Qeon Philippines (RRQ) won against Ghetto Artist (GA) via a 2-0 sweep at the VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins in order to proceed into the Group Stage.

A Cakewalk At Breeze

It was a cakewalk for RRQ at Breeze as they absolutely demolished Ghetto 13-3.

RRQ had a commanding start at the game as they promptly took the first four rounds. With only Round 5 not in their bag, RRQ claimed 11 rounds in the first half. As they went into the second half, the team blundered the first two rounds but regained their composure and ended the game two rounds later.

RRQ’s top fraggers Kelly “kellyS” Sedillo and James “2ge” Goopio both got over 300 ACS during the game which is a testament to how well they decimated GA round after round.

Turning Things Around On Split

RRQ ended the series on Split as they made a comeback 13-9.

Unlike Game 1, the battle on Split was much more of an all-out brawl. RRQ lagged behind GA during the first half with kellyS snuffed out with a horrible 3/12/0 KDA. On the other hand, RRQ’s Nathaniel “Nexi” Cabero kept it tight as he was instrumental in taking down GAs. Thankfully, things turned for the better on RRQ’s side during the second half as the two aforementioned players found their groove and led their team to a comeback rally. The game ended abruptly as RRQ decided to pull the rag out of GA’s feet and sneakily defused the spike on the 22nd Round.

RRQ now proceeds into the VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage where they will face the juggernaut that is XERXIA Esports in the Group B opening match.

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