RRQ Officially Announces New Filipino Roster

RRQ Officially Announces New Filipino Roster
  • PublishedJanuary 11, 2022

Rex Regum Qeon‘s (RRQ) officially announced their new all-Filipino roster via their social media accounts.

The Indonesian org’s new Filipino roster is as follows:

  • Mikko “Hemsyxx” Gumapac (former SV Empire)
  • Trixtan “Tr1x” Viray (former Oasis Gaming)
  • Kelly “kellyS” Sedillo (former DR Esports) 
  • Vince “Flash” Medado (former Zeal Esports)
  • Francis Danison “Rabbet” Buñag (former DR Esports)
  • Dustin Kurt “skadooskurt” Dollente (rookie)

According to team manager Lan “Kingmaker” Rigates, there was some initial hesitancy from RRQ, as they were split on building either a Thai or Filipino roster.

“It was not clear if RRQ wanted to build a [Filipino or Thai] roster after the original Indonesian team disbanded last December. We did a testing ground and decided to go full PH after the result of the tryouts,” Kingmaker revealed.

He then revealed that the team aims to be one of the best teams in the Philippines.

“Same as [any] org’s expectation on building any team – we want to be at the top of the [Philippine] rankings and represent [the country] in SEA-level tournaments, [and as well as] the upcoming Masters I and II and VCT Champions.”

As the roster was accidentally leaked previously, everyone knew Tr1x, Hemsyxx, kellyS, and skadooskurt were part of the team, with many speculating Rabbet to be the final player. The biggest surprise however was the addition of Flash as he only got released recently.

“We needed [Flash’s] championship experience, just like Rabbet’s, to round up the 4 young players [from the roster] so he was a good addition [for the team],” Kingmaker explained.Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time RRQ recruited Filipino FPS talent as they previously employed Team Secret’s Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan and Kevin “Dispenser” Te prior to their VALORANT careers.

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