Rising Hope: Reason Why The Whole VALORANT Team Left

Rising Hope: Reason Why The Whole VALORANT Team Left
  • PublishedOctober 10, 2022

Rising Hope announced on October 5, 2022, that they are letting go of their whole VALORANT team. While this may be a regular occurrence for most, the reason they left is something that will make you feel uncomfortable.

Their head coach revealed why they left the organization for good. The head coach revealed what happened behind closed doors that pushed them to leave traumatized on their Twitter account @pizzafps. According to their head coach, the main reason behind their decision to leave was because of unprofessional conduct by Simons, one of the other coaches in Rising Hope.

As accounted by their head coach, Simons would inappropriately joke around by saying, “Hey Wway call me and show me your d**k.” Of course, this kind of conduct made the girls feel uncomfortable in their organization. If that incident was not enough, during the scrimmages of the female VALORANT team, Simons was very inappropriate in their Discord channel, continuously distracting the girls by talking, making it hard to hear footsteps and game sounds. The final straw was when Simons turned on his cam and showed his p**is. The players were using dual monitors, and they caught Simons in the act, leaving them traumatized and shocked that a professional would act like this.

After the traumatizing incident, their head coach reviewed the scrim footage, and Simons was visibly drinking on camera. After multiple misconducts by Simons, the team felt they had enough and took up the issue with the upper brass of Rising Hope. They threatened that if Simons were not thrown out of the organization because of his wrongdoings, they would leave instead. In a shocking turn of events, Rising Hope opted to keep Simons instead, and that was the final straw that made their entire VALORANT Team to leave their organization.

While Simons did not offer his side of the story to defend himself, this was not the first time that he acted unprofessionally. In July 2022, he said on his stream, “chat to be honest, I want to go to Ukraine, kill all Ukrainians, everyone, erase to zero.” This incident caused an uproar in the VALORANT community condemning his words and actions. He is the kind of person that has no place in the community. However, only time will tell if he can still go unpunished for his actions.

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