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Riot Disables VALORANT Competitive Queue Amidst No Flash Bug

Riot Games disabled VALORANT’s competitive queue amidst a gamebreaking “no flash” bug that was recently discovered in VALORANT Patch 5.03.

“VALORANT’S Competitive Queue is facing issues and will be down for maintenance (approx 3 days). We apologize for any inconvenience caused and are working to resolve the issue asap,” Riot announced on its Riot Updates Twitter account.

The bug in question refers to the bug wherein flashes were disabled by a simple toggle to hide the User Interface in the game. 

YouTube tutorials on how to recreate the bug spread like wildfire over the Internet. Eventually, the bug was reported to the r/VALORANT subreddit’s official bug megathread.

Although the initial Riot update did not explicitly state the reason behind the temporary pause of the Competitive Queue, a tweet from the official VALORANT Twitter account confirmed the suspicions of many players and revealed the reason was really due to the no flash bug.

Thankfully, the bug has been fixed just a couple of hours since the announcements and the Competitive Queue has been restored once more.

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