Riot Bans Chrysania For Boosting

Riot Bans Chrysania For Boosting
  • PublishedJanuary 31, 2022

Riot has banned Ian “Chrysania” Chin for boosting players in VALORANT.

According to Riot’s Competitive Ruling, Chrysania violated Riot’s Terms of Use and Rule 7.2.9 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy for ‘conspiring to provide commercial boosting services’.

It was found out that Chrysania ‘conspired to create and promote a commercial boosting service that offered financial arrangements for MMR boosting’.

As such, the former Bleed pro is banned for 4 months starting on January 28, 2022

Meanwhile, we’ve reached out to Chrysania himself but have refused to further comment stating “there’s nothing much to add.”
Prior to his banning, Chrysania’s last professional stint was with Bleed eSports before he left. However, he was also seen competing in Asia Esports Festival 2021 wherein he was accompanied by his friends.

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