Renowned Filipino VALORANT Caster Vyminal Goes on Hiatus, Becomes Full-time Coach

Renowned Filipino VALORANT Caster Vyminal Goes on Hiatus, Becomes Full-time Coach
  • PublishedOctober 10, 2021

Renowned Filipino VALORANT caster, Paco “Vyminal” Santos, went on a hiatus to focus on being a full-time coach for GrindSky.

As revealed in a TwitLonger, Vyminal stated that his days of being a caster were done for the foreseeable future.

“Just completed my final casting gig for the foreseeable future. It was an incredible run, having experienced being a full-time commentator for the official riot VALORANT tournament circuit and of course the many different local events. I met a lot of amazing people and really went outside of my comfort zone as a talent,” Vyminal stated.

He then revealed that the reason for his hiatus was due to finally becoming a full-time coach for a professional VALORANT team.

“The reason for my hiatus as a commentator is that I am finally going to pursue my dream of competing alongside a professional VALORANT team as a full-time coach. I’ve always been a very competitive person, no matter what I do, I always strive to reach the top, and I can’t wait to find out where this new endeavor will take me. I am very thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I will give this my all. Leaving behind my job, my home, and my family is a huge change and sacrifice, but I am prepared.”
A quick view of his socials will reveal that the team he is coaching for is GrindSky — as he had teased his followers about the team’s upcoming lineup.

Via Vyminal’s Twitter

Although there’s no official announcement yet, word on the street is that GrindSky’s VALORANT roster is composed of the former Bestial players. 

Meanwhile, the VCT commentator and analyst clarified his hiatus isn’t the end of his casting career. 

“Is this the end for my casting career? Absolutely not. I will be back in full swing in the future. Not a question of “if”, but “when”.”

Paco “Vyminal” Santos is a renowned Filipino caster and analyst who has had experiences in multiple games besides VALORANT. He is also a Facebook Gaming creator signed by Ampfly — a talent development program for streamers by Tier One Entertainment.

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