PRX Shows Heartwarming Solidarity as SEA Representatives

PRX Shows Heartwarming Solidarity as SEA Representatives
  • PublishedSeptember 12, 2021

While fans from the Philippines are still reeling from the former Bren roster, now Team Secret, not making it into Berlin, SEA representatives Paper Rex gave them a little something to look forward to.

A tweet from Paper Rex’s official team account featured all of PRX’s lineup posing around a Filipino flag with the caption, “You’re here with us in spirit”, while mentioning the former Bren roster who were unable to attend.

The post was met with a tide of appreciation from Filipinos in the Valorant community, expressing their wholehearted support for the team’s run in Berlin..

Some from the Filipino broadcasting team also took notice and couldn’t help but share their encouragement for PRX, along with other notable Filipino names in the Valorant scene.

“Best thing to see in the morning,” VCT caster Asurai quoted in his tweet as a response.

The ex – Bren lineup also took to Twitter to put out their reactions and bid PRX good luck in their games. Borkum even gave a cheeky, “May the force be with you”, as a response to the tweet.

Though some Filipinos expressed their bittersweet feelings that the former Bren lineup will not be attending Berlin like Tamaraw FX’s Zappy who tweeted,“PRX for now,” most were awestruck by PRX’s wholesome tweet.

Paper Rex’s gesture of solidarity doesn’t only point to just Filipino fans but calls to the entire region which prompted the hashtag #SEAPride, signifying they mean business when they took the spot as the region’s (SEA) representatives.

VCT caster blackenBlue relays his thoughts into a follow-up tweet to the image, “International LAN’s are when the whole of SEA set aside their competitive differences and lock-in as brothers in arms.”

Whatever the future holds for Paper Rex in Berlin, it also holds the hope of not just the many Filipinos but the entire SEA region collectively.

Paper Rex will face off against Korean representatives Vision Strikers as their first game on the group stage.

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