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Paper Rex Narrowly Defeats EDward Gaming at Champions 2022 Opener

VALORANT Champions 2022 had a pretty interesting start as Paper Rex almost lost their opening series in Group A when they narrowly defeated EDward Gaming (EDG) 2-1.

Explosive Pearl Debut

Paper Rex won the first game at Pearl after they took down EDG 13-11.

In a pretty unexpected turn of events, Paper Rex staggered for a bit as they went winless in the first five rounds of the game. Fortunately, they then answered back with their own 5-round win streak to equalize the board which eventually led to a tie game in the first half.

At the start of the second half, Paper Rex opted for a 4-stack at mid which led to a quick spray down that basically secured the round. After that, it was only a matter of back-and-forths between the two teams before Paper Rex capped it off at Round 24.

Paper Rex Gets Demolished in Icebox

Unfortunately for the APAC squad, Paper Rex then got demolished in Icebox when they lost to EDG 13-5.

Paper Rex was crushed in the first half when EDG went on a mayhem that saw the Masters Copenhagen runner-ups win only two rounds. They then tried to scrap some rounds in the second half but were ultimately finished by EDG come Round 18.

Thrifty End at Haven

With the first series on the line, it was Paper Rex that saw the goddess of victory shine her light upon them.

Paper Rex started the game with a sneaky defuse to steal the opening pistol round from EDG. With only five rounds lost in the first half, Paper Rex gave EDG no chances to mount a comeback in the second half. They managed to seal the deal in Round 20 through a thrifty end.

With their first win at Champions 2022, Paper Rex moves up the bracket of Group A to face Leviatán while EDG sinks down to the elimination match where they will face Team Liquid.

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