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Overwatch 2 Reveals New Hero: Ramattra

Overwatch 2 Reveals New Hero: Ramattra

    Last Updated on November 29, 2022

With the release of Ramattra’s gameplay cinematic, the Overwatch community has been searching for an “overwatch new hero” all over the internet. Blizzard unveiled in a video the release of a new character to join the roster of Overwatch 2 — officially coming to the game on December 6, 2022. Ramattra is the name of Overwatch 2’s new hero, joining the ranks of tank heroes in the game. Being labeled as a “tempo tank” Ramattra will be a living embodiment of innovation as the new hero is far different from his peers.

Ramattra is a compelling character with a rich storyline behind him. Ramattra, the leader of the Null Sector, longed for a peaceful co-existence with humans. However, things went astray, and he turned to violence for answers.

What makes the character innovative and exciting is the fact that Ramattra has two forms. Each of those forms will completely change how you play the hero as it offers unique abilities. Overwatch 2’s lead concept artist, Qiu Fang, broke down Ramattra and his forms in the video revealed to the public.

Omnic Form

Alternate Text: Overwatch 2 New Hero Ramattra

Ramattra’s base form is named: Omnic Form. In this form, Ramattra wields his weapon, Void Accelerator. It’s a massive staff capable of firing long-range streams of fast-moving nanites. Despite having the long-range capability, there are also merits in using the weapon in close range as it packs quite a punch in terms of damage.

Ramattra’s secondary ability in Omnic Form is called: Void Barrier. As the name suggests, activating it creates a temporary high-health barrier that you can place in a targeted area. Its high health gets counteracted by its short duration to maintain balance. You can use it defensively to protect allies or offensively to close the gap between yourself and your enemies.

Nemesis Form

Alternate Text: Overwatch 2 New Hero Ramattra

Ramattra’s Nemesis form turns him into a massive juggernaut, changing his appearance and abilities. This form stays true to his role as a tank. He commits to the part as a gigantic protector for his team or destroyer of his enemies. Ramattra bulks up his armor in this form and grows two huge arms that serve as his weapon.

During Nemesis form, Ramattra’s primary attack is known as Pummel. As the name suggests, Pummel is a short-range attack that launches power waves with each swing that bludgeons the enemy to oblivion. The attack pierces through enemies, damaging multiple enemies at once.

Nemesis form’s secondary ability is called Block. As straightforward as its name, Ramattra will use his gigantic arms to reduce any incoming damage from the front. Block slows Ramattra’s movement speed while reducing damage coming from the front. However, it leaves him vulnerable to flanks. The ability has no cooldowns, and you can use it whenever you want.

Nemesis is an ability. So, you can only be in Nemesis form for a duration, and it has a cooldown. It will last 8 seconds, with its cooldown also lasting 8 seconds. This limitation requires you to think carefully about what form you will need to use and adapt to in the game’s current state.

Ramattra’s flexibility and variety due to having multiple forms become an interesting concept that can make or break his debut. Only time will tell if he will be too strong or disappointingly weak.

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