ORDER, Alter Ego, & BOOM Win Respective Matches in APAC LCQ Opening Day

ORDER, Alter Ego, & BOOM Win Respective Matches in APAC LCQ Opening Day
  • PublishedAugust 2, 2022

ORDER, Alter Ego (AE), and BOOM Esports won each of their respective matches in the VALORANT Champions Tour Asia-Pacific: Last Chance Qualifier (VCT APAC LCQ) opening day.

ORDER Sweeps Fancy United Esports

The sole Oceania representatives made quick work of Fancy United Esports as they swept them 2-0 to start off the VCT APAC LCQ.

The first game of their series saw ORDER take a close 13-11 victory on Ascent. The game was fairly even with both teams shifting the momentum to their respective sides. However, it was ORDER’s 5-round win streak in the late rounds of the second half that gave them the first game of the series.

With victory at their grasp, ORDER clenched onto their lead and closed the series in Fracture. ORDER absolutely dominated the first half as they whooped Fancy United to secure ten rounds. They had a bit of a spook in the second half as they lost four out of the first five rounds but they quickly finished it off by the 19th round.

Alter Ego Tames CERBERUS

The series sweep continued with Alter Ego as they tamed CERBERUS Esports in their respective matchup.

In their first game in Haven, AE quickly showed who was the boss when they took eight rounds in the first half. A rough start in the second half prolonged the game more than it should but AE managed to close the game 13-10 in their favor.

For the second game, AE finished their series against CERBERUS at Bind. Just like the previous game, AE finished the first half with yet another eight rounds for themselves. Now unlike the first game, AE did not make the same mistakes in the second half and held CERBERUS to just two more round wins. AE finished the game with a respectable 13-7 scoreline.

BOOM Esports Slays The Griffin

To end the first set of matches in the VCT APAC LCQ, BOOM defeated Griffin E-Sports 2-1.

Game 1 on Haven saw BOOM demolishing Griffin 13-6. BOOM managed to secure seven rounds in the first half while Griffin took down five. However, it was the typical dominance BOOM showcased in the second half that gave them the win

Meanwhile, BOOM lost Game 2 in a close 13-10 on Split. The game was even for the most part with BOOM just behind two rounds in the first half. However, Griffin stole the show in the second half which made BOOM lose the game.

With both teams tied with one apiece, it was BOOM who ultimately became the victor. They absolutely vanquished Griffin in Fracture as they took them down 13-1.

With the first day’s conclusion, ORDER, Alter Ego, and BOOM Esports all move up the VCT APAC LCQ while their opponents drop to the lower bracket.

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