OpTic Gaming Beat DRX 2-1 In VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs

OpTic Gaming Beat DRX 2-1 In VCT Masters 2022 Playoffs
  • PublishedApril 18, 2022

OpTic Gaming wins 2-1 against DRX to secure a spot in the upper bracket Finals of VCT Masters 2022. OpTic is the last team from the North American region since The Guard was eliminated by Paper Rex in the upper bracket Quarterfinals.

OpTic started slow, losing the first map against DRX. DRX dominated the first half with a 9-3 scoreline but was quickly stopped by OpTic in round 15. OpTic FNS clutched round 14 with an amazing 3 kills and won the next round through accurate teamwork. However, that was the last round win as DRX won consecutive rounds to secure Map 1.

In Map 2, OpTic Gaming started strong by winning the first two rounds. After DRX stopped the momentum in the third round, the back-and-forth started between the two teams. Neither team was able to score two consecutive rounds until the second half.

DRX managed to get ahead with a four-round lead in the second half, but OpTic was not ready to be swept into the lower brackets. OptTic Gaming won six consecutive rounds to gain the lead for the first time in Map 2. DRX won two more rounds until OpTic finally secured the map in round 24.

Both teams continued the back-and-forth of the game in Map 3, with neither side scoring two consecutive rounds. OpTic Gaming and DRX were determined to reach the finals, resulting in a tie for the first half.

OpTic backed DRX into a corner with a match point in round 23, but DRX was not going to give up just yet. They held the line in B-site, tying the match 13-13. However, the series finally ended when OpTic Gaming won with an amazing defense in round 28.

Credits to @ValorantEsports Twitter

OpTic keeps the NA dream alive and will face LOUD on Friday, April 22 at 12 pm CT.  DRX will play against ZETA DIVISION in the lower brackets facing elimination. The lower bracket games will be tomorrow at 12 pm CT.

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