Oasis Gaming’s Invy Inadvertently Leaks Lionne Esports Roster

Oasis Gaming’s Invy Inadvertently Leaks Lionne Esports Roster
  • PublishedJuly 2, 2022

Oasis Gaming’s Adrian Jiggs “invy” Reyes inadvertently leaked the whole Lionne Esports roster as they crossed paths at the BLEED Summer Open.

Via Invy’s tweet

As per the Oasis Gaming initiator’s tweet, the screenshot showed the five-man roster of the Philippines-based team which seemed lackluster at first until you check the tournament’s battlefy link.

For starters, the most eye-catching name would be i love aiky which, if you closely follow the Filipino collegiate VALORANT scene, is no other than former Zeal Esports duelist Keith “FireSaiyajin” Madarang.

Meanwhile, the next most interesting IGN would be I love Elian who turns out to be Philip “Aryu” Vergara. He last played for Action PH before the entire roster was dismissed.

Another former Action PH player also joined forces with them as George “Georggyyy” Lachica tried to hide behind the IGN of JETT ONLY.

Meanwhile, the remaining two players, Rababz (battlefy account name: rafipermites) and asdfg (battlefy account name: asia) are relatively unknown as of the moment.

Via Lionne Esports

Lionne Esports, a Filipino organization based in Cebu, Philippines, was just recently formed and has yet to announce its roster officially. Prior to this leak, Lionne was in the process of officially revealing the roster through a promotion where one can win up to PHP 5,000.

As of this article’s writing, they have yet to officially address nor confirm if the BLEED Summer Open roster would be their official lineup.

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