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Oasis Gaming Ripper’s Dad Obsessed With VALORANT

Oasis Gaming’s resident Omen, Mark “Ripper” Laguardia, revealed that his dad is currently obsessed with VALORANT, especially with the international pro scene.

In a tweet posted by Ripper, he stated that he is happy his dad is now currently obsessed with the international VALORANT pro scene.

“My dad’s now obsessed with the international VALORANT pro scene LMFAO I’m so happy,” Ripper tweeted.

Ripper’s mom also admitted that his dad is a big Gambit fan and he never missed a single series in the Berlin Masters.

“My mom just told me [my dad] never skipped a single live-streamed series of Masters Berlin LMAOOO he’s a Gambit fan,” Ripper tweeted.

In a private interview, Ripper stated that his father sleeps around 4-5 AM every day as he finishes watching all the games.

“My mom told me he sleeps 4-5 am every day just to finish the games. Tapos ayun tumawa lang siya kasi guilty as charged.”

(Translation: My mom told me he sleeps 4-5 am every day just to finish the games. Then my father laughed because he’s guilty as charged)

Ripper also revealed that his father got exposed to VALORANT because he plays pro VALORANT.

“[My father got exposed to VALORANT] because I played pro. He got hyped when we won VCT PH Stage 3 Week 3 playoffs. It started there. He started to follow other teams as well,” Ripper stated.

Ripper and the Oasis Gaming gang finished last in the SEA group stages of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. They are currently ranked 17th in the standings with a total of 10 circuit points.

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