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Oasis Gaming Flufee Steps Down as Head Coach

Vic “Flufee” Villavicencio has revealed that he has stepped down as Oasis Gaming’s head coach to explore other esports opportunities. 

In a TwitLonger, he thanked the Oasis Gaming co-owner An0rak, the players, and his predecessor and former head coach Chelceed “Maark” Viernes for the opportunity to be their VALORANT roster’s head coach.

“I would like to thank Oasis Gaming, specifically, An0rak & former OAS head coach Maark for giving me one of the best opportunities anyone who dreams of being involved in esports could ask for – to not only experience firsthand the trials, tribulations, and victories of a tier 1 esports team but also work with the most amazing people behind the scenes and of course, the players whom, over our time together, I have grown very very fond of,” Flufee expressed.

Despite this announcement, he assured his fans and followers that he would now finally be able to have a consistent streaming schedule and content creation.

“To my mods and community, it’s good news because streams and content will be more consistent and scheduled! hopefully more games with everyone soon,” he stated.

For more updates on Flufee’s stream schedule and content, you can see his various social media accounts here.

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