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New Changes Coming to VCT Challengers in 2023

VALORANT enters 2023 with a few new changes to its Challenger’s circuit — specifically to cover more players in more regions. An all-new and expanded Challenger ecosystem will ensure more people have a path to realizing their competitive dreams.

It starts with adding more than 20 leagues all around the world. An organized and competitive Challenger’s League will be accessible to anyone who wants to qualify. These regions will be given two splits of multi-week regular season play.

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Each Challenger Split will culminate in a playoff tournament and will crown a single team as the League’s Champion. Even more, for these players and teams to receive the attention they deserve, each Challenger League will be given a designated and scheduled broadcast window to avoid conflict with international league matches.

Providing goals that anyone can achieve is important in ensuring the most talented teams and players choose VALORANT as the game to spend their time and effort in. The Challenger Leagues within each of the three territories will culminate into a new event series that will crown the best team in their territory.

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Each year, the international leagues will expand by one team until reaching a total of 14 teams in the year 2027. Teams who win the Challenger’s Ascension will earn a two-year promotion into their territory’s international league.

Promoted teams will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves against other international league teams during the VCT Season. They receive similar league benefits, and an equal opportunity to qualify for VCT Masters and Champions.

Photo Credited to RIOT Games

Stay tuned for more information about each region’s open qualifiers and Ascension tournaments. RIOT hopes this will provide aspiring teams a clear roadmap into the next step of their VALORANT journey.

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