NAOS Esports Releases Blas, Kvzx, and Z

NAOS Esports Releases Blas, Kvzx, and Z
  • PublishedJuly 1, 2022

NAOS Esports released Simon Jimuel “Blas” Blas, Franz Kevin “kvzx” Dingal, and Jude Patrick “Z” Gunhuran from their roster.

Just days after they secured a new VALORANT coach, NAOS made a shocking move as they announced through their socials the release of three founding players of the team.

“Today, we bid farewell to our VALORANT Players [Blas, Kvzx, and Z]. As some of our first Pro Players, NAOS’ success wouldn’t be complete without you guys! Thank you for letting NAOS be a part of your journey. Keep flying high,” NAOS stated.

With the release of the three, the remaining members of the roster are as follows:

  • Oscar “Kakarot” Farin Jr.
  • Emmanuelle Jonathan “jEEE” Buenavidez
  • Shaun Matthew “blurred” Maglasang
  • Vaze (Coach)

As of this article was written, NAOS Esports has yet to announce who and how they would fill the available spots on their roster.

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