Louvre Disbands After Year of Relatively Good Results

Louvre Disbands After Year of Relatively Good Results
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2021

Just a bunch of friends who were really good in VALORANT, Louvre disbands after a year of relatively good results.

Louvre’s disbandment came after their second-place finish at The Esports Club Showdown. The last iteration of the Louvre roster consisted of Derrick “Deryeon” Yee, Danial “RedKoh” Hakim, Lim “lenne” Lionel, Henri “Flaring” Forichon, and Tyler “Juicy” James.

Despite not being picked up nor sponsored by any esports organization, Louvre managed to be one of the best teams in the Southeast Asian region, peaking at 7th for the Asia-Pacific region in’s ranking system.

With that said, the players of Louvre each expressed their gratitude towards the team on their respective Twitter accounts.

Via Flaring’s Twitter

“Sad to announce that TEC was our last tournament as a team. The LVR project for me showed that 5 friends can grind together and have huge success, but sadly the circumstances will stop us from continuing our journey together. I have learnt so much from everyone here,” Flaring tweeted.

Via Lenne’s Twitter

“I’ll never regret messaging [RedKoh] if they needed a Sova resulting in achieving so much and coming so far. Definitely grown as a player and a person. Thankful for the opportunity and the memories bois,” Lenne revealed in a tweet.

Via Juicy’s Twitter

“Alright, anyways it was a good run with [Louvre]. Thank [you] so much for the past 2 months of experience. Wishing each one of you [Deryeon, RedKoh, Lenne, and Flaring] good luck in your future endeavours and see [you] guys in upcoming tournaments,” Juicy expressed in his tweet.

Via Deryeon’s Twitter

“Legit so much love for the [Louvre] bois, f-ing love them,” Deryeon affectionately tweeted.

Meanwhile, RedKoh’s message TwitLonger revealed the team’s back story. He also thanked former Louvre players and coaches such as Paper Rex’s Zhang Teng “shiba” Toh and Bleed eSports’ coach Aaron “Eno” Cheah.

RedKoh ended his TwitLonger by hinting about ‘big announcements’, possibly referring to some of Louvre going to an org. Meanwhile, Flaring is a free agent and is currently open to any offers.

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