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Lionne Disbanded: Where Dreams Fail to Take Off

Just a little while ago Lionne Esports was the hot topic in the Philippine esports scene, with the organization just recent formal announcement across social media platforms, but recent posts from aspiring Lionne cubs sharing their free status on their social media account have revealed the young organization biting the dust.

While there hasn’t been word from Lionne themselves, Lionne’s aspiring superstars like George “Georggyyy” Lachica, and Philip “Aryu” Vergara came forward with LFT (looking for team) tweets, stating the unfortunate development of the team’s disbandment.

As of the moment, the tweet from Lionne’s team manager, Andrew “Shycodelix” Raphael, is the closest thing to having an official announcement from Lionne Esports.

Without a statement from the source to explain what had happened behind the scenes, Lionne’s fate is currently left up in the air.

With the disbandment of the organization, the following players and talents are currently under free agent status:

  • George “Georggyyy” Lachica, a former Action PH player
  • Philip “Aryu” Vergara, formerly played for Action PH
  • Keith “FireSaiyajin” Madarang, formerly from the  Zeal Esports roster
  • Abdul “Rababz” Permites,  former PUBG pro and competed as a Collegiate VALORANT player for USJ-R Jaguars Esports
  • Daryl Jay “Asia” Teves, formerly a Counter-Strike 1.6 pro debuting as a VALORANT player under Lionne
  • Andrew “Shycodelix” Raphael,  manager for the Lionne lineup


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