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KJC Is Going to Otakufest 2022

What’s up, gamers? It’s the ever-loveable Pancreas writing here. We’ve got some big news: KJC is going to Otakufest 2022! There will be loads of fun activities that you can enjoy this coming November 12-13, Saturday.

Otakufest is the premier and the most anticipated annual cosplay and hobbies convention in the Visayas region of the Philippines. Here you’ll find a community of enthusiasts inspired by their passion for anime, gaming, and much more. You can find it at the JCentre Convention Hall, which is on the 3rd floor of the JCentre Mall.

Pre-order tickets are no longer available, but walk-in tickets are still for sale at the event. You can buy them at PHP 220 for one day or PHP 440 for both days of Otakufest. You can also obtain tickets for the meet and greet with Charess and Dorasnow.

© Bernd Dabrock and Dominique Abellana | Otakufest 2020 Cosplay Competition

Otakufest 2022 also offers plenty of fun competitions and games for visitors to spectate or participate in once they are there. Here is the list of contests that you can watch during this two-day event:

  • Japanese Singing Competition
  • Asian Pop Dance Competition
  • Solo Cosplay Competition
  • Ramen Eating Competition
  • Gunpla Competition
  • Mobile Legends Tournament
  • Cardfight Vanguard Tournament
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament
  • Japanese Alcohol Drinking Competition

It seems like this year’s Otakufest is full of challenges. However, they will not show the Japanese Alcohol Drinking Competition to the public, nor will there be any documentation of it. Also, there will be games available for the visitors, like the Voice Acting Contest, JanKenPon, and Guess the Anime/Kpop Song.

© Bernd Dabrock and Dominique Abellana | Otakufest 2020 Asian Pop Dance Competition

In addition to the competitions, Otakufest also holds free workshops with their partners that you can walk in on. There are three workshops for you to choose from — the Skit-Making Workshop with Team Class S, the Props-Making Workshop with Team Zero Cosplay, and the Animation Workshop with the Cebu Animation Guild and Emot Toons.

You can also find dozens of artists and enthusiasts selling their handmade merch. You can gain access to all your anime or gaming enthusiast dreams, from figurines for sale to digitally drawn posters to put up on your wall.

You won’t find any judgment for you at Otakufest because, in this community, everyone shares the same passion. You can head over to their social media accounts to either check or stay tuned for their updates.

I can’t wait to go to Otakufest! Make sure to come to find me if you want to face a challenge and win a prize. See you there, gamers!

*Featured image via © Otakufest 2022 Logo from Otakufest



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