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Jabz ends stint with Fnatic, signs with Talon Esports

Jabz ends stint with Fnatic, signs with Talon Esports
  • PublishedNovember 5, 2022

Fnatic recently announced the departure of their offlaner, Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong, and their coach, Lee “SunBhie” Jeongjae. Fnatic is known to be one of the heavyweights in South East Asia. They have maintained that status for many years. However, despite being the top dogs in the region, their performance in The International 2022 was underwhelming, to say the least. 

Although TI11 was held in South East Asia, Fnatic failed to capitalize on the home advantage as they finished the group stages in the middle of their bracket. Still, they were bounced out of the tournament early in the first round of the Lower Bracket. They finished TI11 in 13th to 16th place. Such a disappointing result is unbecoming for Fnatic, and maybe it was one of the primary factors for the roster change.

via Fnatic’s Official Twitter Account

Fnatic announced the departure of Jabz and SunBhie on their official Twitter account due to their contracts coming to an end. This will be a major reshuffle of their roster coming into DPC Season 2022-2023. There have been no rumors or announcements as to who they will get to replace their coach and offlaner. However, there is still plenty of time before the next DPC season for them to find a suitable talent to add to their roster.

via Talon’s Official Twitter Account

Talon Esports recently announced the departure of their offlaner, Kpii, and position four support, Hyde. Talon Esports experienced a significant resurgence when they went from a Division Two team to being one of the representatives of South East Asia in The International 2022. Despite the fantastic story of redemption, Talon failed to qualify for the playoffs and finished TI11 in 18th place. 

With their momentum rising upward, Talon decided to retool its roster. They decided to hire the services of former Fnatic veteran offlaner, Jabz, as announced on their official Twitter account. His veteran presence will surely be a welcome addition to the budding team. 

With the plethora of moves and rumors in South East Asia, the entire landscape of DOTA 2 in the region will indeed shift. We can only hope that these roster changes will improve the performance of our teams. To this date, no team in South East Asia has ever won TI. Hopefully, one of these teams can finally bring home the coveted The International Aegis to finally make the region known as champions.

*Featured image via GosuGamers

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