How XERXIA sScary Dominated Icebox Against OpTic Gaming

How XERXIA sScary Dominated Icebox Against OpTic Gaming
  • PublishedApril 12, 2022

XERXIA Esports dominated in their match against OpTic Gaming, earning a 2-0 sweep in the series. XERXIA Esports always maintained their methodical approach as a team throughout the match.

XERXIA Esports exemplary teamwork stopped any chance of OpTic gaining momentum throughout the first map. Yet, one player stood out in XERXIA that made a huge difference in winning the first map.

Screenshot by Dan Reyes/ KJC eSports

Icebox was XERXIA’s map pick, and for good reason. The team’s controller, Nutchapon “sScary” Matarat, showed a complete mastery over his agent: Viper.

Dissecting XERXIA sScary’s Viper’s Pit

With the score being 9-8, XERXIA Esports was one round ahead against OpTic Gaming. It was a slim lead, and OpTic knew they had to secure this round to win the match.

This round determined whether or not XERXIA gets to double digits on the scoreboard. If OpTic won this round, they would bring the match to a tie, forcing XERXIA Esports to save.

OpTic Gaming planned on committing to A-site. However, when that was made clear by foxz that the North American team gathered for a push, sScary and Crws were waiting.

XERXIA sScary used Viper’s Pit while on rafters. He aimed a little bit to the left towards the A-default plant. Viper’s Pit covered the entire site, which included the rafters area.

Meanwhile, Crws locked down Maze with his Sage Wall. This wall forced OpTic with two options; push into the Viper’s Pit or rotate with the little time they had left. 

sScary’s ultimate completely denied OpTic Gaming of any vision or information. The Viper’s Pit seemed impossible to push into the site. This show of teamwork from XERXIA forced OpTic Marved to commit his own Viper ultimate.
The utilization of agent abilities pushed OpTic Gaming into a corner. However, with only 15 seconds left, there was nothing else to do for OpTic Gaming. Each member of OpTic got picked off with Surf getting the last kill to secure the round.

XERXIA pulled ahead to 10-8, gaining a two-round lead. The analyst desk at VCT Masters Reykjavik called it “a round breakthrough.” They praised XERXIA Esports for the level of planning and preparation done for this matchup.

What’s Next for XERXIA Esports?

After winning their match against OpTic Gaming, XERXIA Esports were set to fight against Team Liquid. The match against Team Liquid was close and exhilarating, with both teams not backing down for their chance to qualify for the playoffs.

Team Liquid won the series 2-1, making them the first team in Group B to qualify for VCT Masters Playoffs. XERXIA Esports will be fighting against the winner of the match with OpTic Gaming against KRÜ Esports.

The Takeaway

In Tarik’s stream, he encourages everyone to play Viper. The amount of pressure from XERXIA sScary’s Viper ultimate can create can work in any elo. Tarik also plans to use the ult himself, even if he doesn’t play Viper.

Did you spot any other amazing plays out there? Leave a comment down below!

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