Ghetto Artist Sweeps Team Big BAAM at VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins

Ghetto Artist Sweeps Team Big BAAM at VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins
  • PublishedJune 12, 2022

Ghetto Artist (GA) swept Team Big BAAM 2-0 at the VCT APAC Stage 2 Play-Ins.

Ghetto Artist Claims Ascent

Ghetto Artist took Game 1 on Ascent in a convincing 13-8 scoreline.

Despite losing the first pistol round, GA’s gamble on a Round 2 force buy with Spectres started their 4-round win streak. They smeaged their way into sites which forced BAAM to opt for retakes instead. Babyblue’s aggressive entries provided just enough distraction (and kills) for the rest of GA to come in and take sites. Meanwhile, 8lua simply cleaned up any leftovers left by his teammates to secure sure-win situations.

In the second half, GA had a bit of a spook as BAAM tried for a comeback. However, a clutch Hunter’s Fury from Bea2 made a 3v2 into a 3v1 situation where his teammate Floatqq killed the last guy for a defuse on Round 21 which gave them the Game 1 win.

Ghetto Ends It At Icebox

Ghetto Artist ended the series at Icebox as they closed out the game in a close 13-10 scoreline.

GA came out swinging at Icebox as they took ten rounds in the first half. However, things almost fell apart for GA come the second half. They lost the first three rounds of the second half before they finally secured Round 16. After that, a long tech pause ensued but GA managed to secure Round 17. From there, things seemed to go bad for GA yet again as BAAM went on a five round win streak. Luckily, they managed to save themselves on Round 23 as they managed to wipe out BAAM in the post-plant and end the game right then and there.

With this win, Ghetto Artist continues their VCT APAC journey to face Rex Regum Qeon Philippines next.

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