Galaxy Esports roster to return to No Namers due to pay issues

Galaxy Esports roster to return to No Namers due to pay issues
  • PublishedMay 27, 2022

The Galaxy Esports team has announced their decision to part ways with the organization despite showing a promising performance with their recent victory over tournament powerhouses Bleed Esports in VCT Challengers Stage 2: MY/SG.

The announcement came in a tweet thread from Divyanshu Singh’s, the team manager, official account @OfficialL0NE_ stating their plans to depart from the organization and to continue on with the tournament under their previous banner of “No Namers.”

The tweet thread iterated that the decision to leave was due to the overdue in the team’s current monthly payment by the organization.

However, the thread clarified that no foul play was involved between the two parties. The team manager explicitly explained in the thread that the team received their compensation for the first month and that there is no bad blood between the team and the organization.

The CEO of Galaxy Esports, Starkyy, followed up with his side of the story in a statement from his official account @GX_Starkyy  saying that:

Let me clear off first that, we haven’t scammed them in any way and they will vouch. We’ve had delay with payments through apps, we tried PayPal but the taxes were too high so we decided to go with Wise which was way cheaper. We couldn’t do direct bank to bank due to remittance issues, so that’s out of the picture. I tried my best to make ends meet but it wasn’t meant to be.

Starkyy’s statement also expressed his respect for the team’s decision to leave and owning up to what happened as his responsibility. 

I understand it’s my responsibility to make sure they receive payments at the earliest but bank issues were out of my hand.

He then concluded the statement with well-wishes for the team’s journey in VCT and shared his plans to take an extended break after the ordeal.

As of the present, the No Namers roster is in search of a new organization and will have all of the players and coaching staff from the Galaxy Esports lineup including Rodman “Vera” Yap, Pierre “Tempz” Heng, DxN,Song “Shun” Lin Han , Felipe “skye” Lim, and coach Bayu “Folklore” Dwi.

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