G2 Gozen First Ever Winner of VCT Game Changers Championship

G2 Gozen First Ever Winner of VCT Game Changers Championship
  • PublishedNovember 22, 2022

The first-ever VCT Game Changers: Championship has now concluded in Berlin. This is a historic event for the esports scene as it crowned the first-ever champion of VCT Game Changers. The tournament as a whole was nothing but spectacular as we saw VALORANT played at the highest level of competition. G2 Gozen was able to rise above all as they able to cement their place in history as the first-ever winner of the VCT Game Changers: Championship. Let us recap how the tournament unfolded and how G2 Gozen was able to capture their proudest moment as professional VALORANT careers.

VCT 2022 Game Changers: Championship Bracket

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G2 Gozen proved their worth early on in the tournament. They were able to sweep APAC representatives, X10 Sapphire, in the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals with ease. They finished the series with convincing scorelines of 13-4 and 13-7, with mimi leading the charge. 

In the Upper Bracket Semifinals, G2 Gozen faced North American representative Cloud9 White. G2 Gozen hit a snag in the first game as Cloud9 White took the series lead with a scoreline of 13-7 in favor of Cloud9 White. G2 Gozen however came back with a vengeance, dominating the next two games to close out the series with a gentleman’s sweep. Mimi once again took the MVP honors for the series.

Team Liquid Brazil gave G2 Gozen a run for their money as they posed a challenge in the Upper Bracket Final. Game one of the series went down the wire as the game extended beyond regulation into overtime. G2 Gozen secured the 1-0 lead after 24 rounds of VALORANT. In the same way as game one, game two went wire-to-wire but G2 Gozen closed out the series with a sweep with a scoreline of 13-10 in game two. Mary proved to be the MVP in the Upper Final for G2 Gozen.

The Grand Final was a spectacle that featured G2 Gozen and Shopify Rebellion. Befitting the stage, G2 Gozen struggled the most in the Grand Final. Shopify Rebellion was able to secure a 2-0 series lead against G2 Gozen after winning games one and two 13-9 in both games. However, G2 Gozen pulled off the unthinkable when they needed it most. They were able to dominate the next three games of the Grand Finals. G2 Gozen found their groove and finished the next three games 13-3, 13-2, and 13-5, respectively. Mary was the X-factor for G2 Gozen in the Grand Finals. Let us congratulate G2 Gozen for their wonderful run at this year’s VCT Game Changers: Championship. Many fans await their return for the next season. May they prove that they are the true champions.

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