G2 Esports Beat ZETA DIVISION, Proceed to VCT Masters Semis

G2 Esports Beat ZETA DIVISION, Proceed to VCT Masters Semis
  • PublishedApril 18, 2022

G2 Esports win 2-0 against ZETA DIVISION and proceed to the Upper Bracket Semifinals for VCT Masters 2022. G2 comfortably dominated ZETA by punishing them for every key mistake they made.

Although ZETA picked Split for Map 1, G2 was able to immediately capitalize on every mistake ZETA made. ZETA made some clean site retakes through precise teamwork. However, they were still behind, going into a 7-5 scoreline in the second half.

In the second half, both teams were doing incredible individual plays. These heroic plays led to some scrappy gunfights that G2 won time after time. ZETA DIVISION only won two more rounds before G2 Esports brought the map to a close with a 13-7 scoreline.

Credits to Valorant Champions Tour | @ValorantEsports Twitter

In Map 2, ZETA Dep, TENNN, and hoody made impressive plays leading to back-and-forth rounds for the series. ZETA was able to do fast retakes that caught G2 off guard. This led to ZETA taking the first half with a 7-5 scoreline.

The second half was intense, with both teams not giving up ground. However, G2 Esports managed to break the tie and secure the map 13-10.

Despite heavy criticism, G2 Esports showed no signs of getting rusty with a comfortable 2-0 series. G2 moves to the upper semifinals to fight LOUD while ZETA DIVISION drops to the lower brackets for their elimination match.

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