FULL SENSE On Their VALORANT Champions Experience

FULL SENSE On Their VALORANT Champions Experience
  • PublishedJanuary 10, 2022

As Southeast Asia’s third and final vanguard, FULL SENSE went into champions with high confidence as they were fresh from winning the APAC LCQ. However, a fairy tale ending was not for them as they exited Champions early.

With that said, we reached out to FULL SENSE after Champions, and here’s what we got from them:

FULL SENSE: Disappointed Yet Eager For More

Unfortunately, FULL SENSE was the first SEA representative to exit from Champions 2021 where they lost to Vision Strikers and Cloud 9 (C9) respectively in Group D.

Everyone knew that SEA and Korea frequently scrimmed. As such, FULL SENSE’s battle against Vision Strikers went exactly how everyone expected. Unfortunately for FULL SENSE, Vision Strikers came out on top as the Koreans took the series 2-0.

Meanwhile, their battle against Cloud 9 had an interesting story: a battle between LCQ winners, with FULL SENSE coming from the APAC region while C9 hailing from North America. Sadly, the NA representatives won their elimination match and proceeded to beat Vision Strikers to get into the playoffs.

Despite these results, FULL SENSE is eager to come back next Champions in order to show more of their true potential.

“It’s normal to be very disappointed at this point. It might not be because we got eliminated early or anything. But it’s because we haven’t shown our true potential to the world to see. But next year we will come back and take it back,” they stated.

Exposed to global talent, FULL SENSE reflects on their performance

As they fought Vision Strikers and C9 in VALORANT Champions 2021, each player from FULL SENSE got to taste how tough and talented the other players were from outside SEA. 

As such the players reflected on their individual performances:

Chanawin “JohnOlsen” Nakchain – FULL SENSE’s own Jett main

With so many Jett mains in Champions, JohnOlsen thinks he’s at the bottom of the barrel in terms of performance.

“I have not shown my own potential enough and [my performance] was below my own standards. So, I think, if compared to other players [in Champions], [my performance was] the worst,” JohnOlsen stated.

Kititkawin “PTC” Rattanasukol’s potential flashed brightly as he battled Vision Striker’s Kim “stax” Gu-taek.

Impressively going head-to-head against Vision Striker’s stax, PTC overcame the Korean’s sheer pressure by learning how to counter the ‘Korean Way’.

“I’ve learned how to play the Korean way. Because [stax] has played this style since the old game (CS:GO), I knew that it is tough to compete against this play style. The difference in the style caused me a lot of pressure. He plays very calmly, unlike the teams from SEA or APAC that I have come across all the time,” PTC explained.

For Nattawat “SuperBusS” Yoosawat, being cool was key in Champions

As Full Sense’s controller, SuperBusS’s relatively impressive performance against C9 resulted in him finishing with a KDA of 32/33/13 and an ACS of 202 — a feat he attributed to his cool-headedness.

“Personally, I’m not an IGL who orders plans in the team,” he revealed. “But if you use the word control, maybe it’s the emotional aspect of your friends. No matter what error occurs in the game during the match I will try to keep myself as stable as possible so that I can keep my friends from feeling frustrated with playing mistakes and focus on playing the game to the best.”

For Elamrahim “LAMMYSNAX” Khanpathan, the time to show off was in Champions

LAMMYSNAX simply showed his potential in Champions as he lead FULL SENSE in fragging and ACS.

“I tried to pull my potential to the best to help the team as much as possible.” Lammy simply stated.

Chanitpak “ChAlalala” Suwanaprateep’s plan? Use only Cypher

Having only used Cypher in Champions, ChAlalala revealed that the agent was the best sentinel for them.

“I just like his appearance and his cool hat,” he joked. “Just kidding, in fact, he was picked as we’ve discussed [using Cypher] for the game plan. After trying many plans and agents, Cypher is the best conclusion we’ve come up with.”

Despite not making it into the playoffs, FULL SENSE showed enough grit and commendable determination all throughout their stint at Champions — which definitely made SEA VALORANT proud. As the new VCT season nears, we can’t wait to see what FULL SENSE got in store for us.

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