From Berlin Reps to Previous Champions, KJC VALORANT Invitational Playoffs is Stacked

From Berlin Reps to Previous Champions, KJC VALORANT Invitational Playoffs is Stacked
  • PublishedOctober 7, 2021

From Berlin Masters representatives to the reigning KJC VALORANT Tournament: One champion, the KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational is stacked with top-tier talent from Southeast Asia.

The top teams from Southeast Asia, with half of them hailing from the MY/SG region, are ready to put on a show and fight to become KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational champions.

Team Secret 

From yellow to black and white, the former Bren roster might’ve missed the recent Masters but that doesn’t mean they’ve been sitting around and doing nothing. As a matter of fact, they vigorously studied the Berlin teams which made Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan falling asleep on a stream!

Jokes aside, the team has already proven time and time again that they are one of the top teams in SEA. With that said, will they claim the top spot again in SEA or would they succumb to another team in the playoffs?

Paper Rex 

Fresh from Berlin, they’re bringing international LAN experience against the top teams of SEA. With slight minor adjustments from the team, they are just waiting to show off their new playstyle against their first opponents, Foxy Araikordai.

Zeal Esports 

The first crowned champions of our previous tournament, Zeal Esports’ roster has been relatively unchanged since then. However, the team has shown they have increased their depth in terms of agent composition, as players like Keith “FiresaiyajiN” Madarang surprising everyone with unconventional agent picks throughout the group stage.

Will the current KJC champions stick with their comfort zones or will the agent bans affect their lineup? Nevertheless, they are definitely looking to reclaim the glory once more.


With their name reminiscent of the famous art museum in Paris, Louvre has definitely been creative with their agent compositions (thank you agent bans) and strategies.

One of the four qualified MY/SG teams, Louvre will be crafting their way to become the champions of the KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational (hoping to finally get signed by a team/sponsor in the process).


The third MY/SG team on this list is no other than Kingsmen. They have simply waltzed their way into the playoffs as they went 2-0 against both Oasis Gaming and Onic G.

With royalty in their name, will this tournament be their coronation to become the Kings of Southeast Asian VALORANT?

Bleed eSports 

Team UwU no more. The Singaporean team finally got signed and made sure their opponents bled throughout the group stages. Despite complications during their first match at the invitationals, Bleed eSports persevered and dominated the competition.

Will their perseverance be the key to victory or would they fall against the other playoff teams?


Nearly missing out on the playoffs, Onic G climbed out of Group C’s loser’s bracket and secured the playoffs by beating Alter Ego’s relatively new roster. 

With their organization associated with success in other game titles, Onic G is looking to add the KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational to their achievements.

Foxy Araikordai 

Just like Onic G, Foxy Araikordai qualified to the playoffs by beating Sharper Esports in the last chance qualifier. Watching the Thai team play has always been a fun treat.

With Paper Rex waiting for them first, Foxy Araikordai is looking to beat every team that stands in their way.

The KJC eSports VALORANT Invitational playoffs will be played throughout October 7-10, 2021. Watch the teams get frags and win rounds at our official Twitch channel. If you missed out on any of the games or simply wanna rewatch, VOD replays can be found on our YouTube channel.

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