Fancy United Esports Beats FW Esports at VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage

Fancy United Esports Beats FW Esports at VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage
  • PublishedJune 15, 2022

Fancy United Esports got away from the first-day trend of sweeps at the VALORANT Challengers Tour 2022 APAC Stage 2 Group Stage as they beat FW Esports 2-1 at the VCT APAC Stage 2 Group Stage.

Taking Breeze

Fancy United took the first game of the series at Breeze.

They started their first-half conquest fantastically as they swiftly took eight out of the twelve rounds. After that, the second half became a back-and-forth fiasco FW Esports tried to make a comeback. Fortunately, Fancy United ended the game 13-10 before FW Esports became unstoppable.

Losing At Bind

With such a close previous game, Fancy United lost Game 2 on Bind 13-10 as FW Esports took their revenge.

Initially, Fancy United pulled off the same stunts during the first game as they again took eight rounds in the first half. Unlike the first game, Fancy United lost the first five rounds of the second half, won two, and went on a losing streak yet again for four rounds before the game ended.

Finishing In Haven

Lastly, Fancy United bested FW Esports on Haven 13-8 to finish the series as the victor.

Fancy United’s first-half luck continued as they took seven rounds this time. In the second half, it looked to be an easy cruise to the finish line as they quickly gained the first five rounds. However, they fumbled for a bit as FW Esports stole three consecutive rounds from them. Fortunately, they finally capped the game off after they won the 21st round.

As such, Fancy United proceeds to the next round of Group D’s upper bracket Winner’s Match. Meanwhile, FW Esports fell down to the bracket and has to survive the Elimination Match.

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