DubsteP Falls Asleep Amidst His Own Berlin Masters Watch Party

DubsteP Falls Asleep Amidst His Own Berlin Masters Watch Party
  • PublishedSeptember 18, 2021

With the Berlin Masters being broadcasted late at night due to timezone differences, Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan was caught sleeping midstream in his own watch party.

As seen in this clip, DubsteP was spotted sleeping on his gaming chair when he was supposed to be providing side commentary during his Berlin Master watch party on the G2 versus KRÜ Esports match.

Fans of the Team Secret player affectionately dubbed the incident as the DubsleeP.

When asked about it during the same stream, DubsteP just simply described the DubsleeP as a “power nap only.”

Considering the meme-ing culture of most esports organizations, Team Secret can’t help but post an edited clip of the DubsleeP — exaggerating the hilariousness of the situation.

“Sleeping stream? @Secret_DubsteP 💤” Team Secret tweeted.

With nothing else to say, Dubstep merely replied with “Secret Lab chair and a bed in one,” as he referred to his comfy gaming chair.

So far, Team Secret has already qualified for Champions, along with X10, thanks to their current VCT circuit points and a tie-breaker decision that favored them over Paper Rex.

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