DubsteP Completely Forgets About Jett Nerf Midstream

DubsteP Completely Forgets About Jett Nerf Midstream
  • PublishedSeptember 28, 2021

With the recent agent changes in the latest patch, Jayvee “DubsteP” Paguirigan is unfortunate to have completely forgotten the nerfs on Jett.

In a clip from his latest Twitch stream, DubsteP was playing his usual go-to agent, Jett. With his Bladestorm online, the Pinoy Jett main used his ult to get frags — and fragged he did. He was able to kill an enemy Skye with a right-click but unfortunately, he forgot that the knives do not replenish after getting a kill anymore and thus succumbing to a mid-air death against the enemy Cypher.

Luckily for DubsteP, the score was at matchpoint, 12-6, and in their favor. His remaining teammates killed the Cypher and won the game.

Dubstep tweeted this hilarious incident with the caption: “Sometimes I forget.”
Team UwU player Ian “Chrysania” Chin was also present during the said game (he was playing the ally Viper) and replied to the said tweet.

Screenshot via Chrysania’s Twitter

“Oh so that’s how u [died]. I was the viper,” Chrysania revealed. “[I] was surprised Skye was there so it was a reactive right-click [and] then I [realized] I [redacted] up,” DubsteP replied.

Team Secret also posted a much more hilarious edited version on their socials which led to DubsteP also affirming that it was because of muscle memory.

DubsteP is a VALORANT pro under Team Secret. He regularly streams on his Twitch channel where a comedic scenario sometimes ensues such as this and the infamous Dubsleep during the Berlin Masters watch party.

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