DRX Win 2-1 Against Paper Rex in VCT Masters 2022 Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

DRX Win 2-1 Against Paper Rex in VCT Masters 2022 Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
  • PublishedApril 18, 2022

DRX won their first VCT Masters Playoffs 2-1 against Paper Rex (PRX) for a spot in the semifinals. The two teams from the APAC region went toe-to-toe in an intense 3-map series.
Before we get to the series, it’s worth mentioning that comfortable players will win games. That’s exactly what PRX Benkai was trying to pull off by walking onto the stage wearing a full Viking costume.

Paper Rex proved they were the best in the SEA region by showing how calm they can be when pushed into a corner. DRX dominated the first half of Map 1 by punishing Paper Rex for every misstep. 

Paper Rex was down by 8-4, but they managed to turn the game around in their favor during the second half. They had an impressive comeback in Map 1, securing the map and turning the scoreline to 13-10.

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Everything was looking well for PRX after the comeback. Yet a brave agent pick by PRX f0rsakeN turned things around for DRX. He had chosen to pick Yoru, with an astounding 0% win rate in the VCT Stage.

The Yoru pick certainly did not make much of an impact during Map 2. DRX then proceed to win nine rounds straight, denying every opportunity for PRX to make a play. DRX won the map with a 13-8 scoreline resulting in both teams tied up for the series.

In Map 3, DRX won five rounds straight and brought the scoreline to 5-0 in the first half. Paper Rex tried their hardest to gain their momentum, but DRX was prepared to shut them down after every attempt. 

In the end, DRX won the map and secured a spot in the semifinals. They will face OpTic Gaming for a chance in the upper finals. Paper Rex moves to the lower bracket where they will face The Guard for an elimination match.

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