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DOTA 2 The International 2022: LCQ Conclusion

DOTA 2 The International 2022: LCQ Conclusion
  • PublishedOctober 13, 2022

The Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 2022 have now concluded. We now have our last two teams that made the cut to the most prestigious DOTA 2 tournament in the world. It was a long and rigorous road, yet the journey will only get harder after this.

Upper Bracket Final


For these two teams, Team Secret and, the Upper Bracket Final is one of the most important matches of their lives. These teams are established competitors who are accustomed to being in The International 2022, vying for the chance to represent their regions at the biggest stage of them all, but only one can stand victorious. 

Game 1 of the Upper Bracket Final was fairly even coming into the mid-game. However, was able to mount a twelve thousand net worth lead after winning clash after clash against Team Secret. In a perfectly executed play, Team Secret was able to make a comeback after Nisha’s Batrider lassoed Gpk’s Tiny back to their base, securing a successful base defense. With the aegis still online for Crystallis, Team Secret took advantage and went straight to’s tier-four towers. After a two-minute clash with multiple buybacks from both sides, Team Secret emerged victorious and claimed the game 1 victory.

Game 2 between Team Secret and is a different story from game 1. Team Secret was able to dominate the mid-game behind their proactive draft. Nisha’s magic type Lina proved too much to handle for, forcing them to throw in the towel and call gg just after 28 minutes of action. Puppey is able to uphold his record, securing a trip to his 11th straight trip to The International. Team Secret is the first to claim the ticket to The International 2022.

Lower Bracket Semifinal and Final


With only one spot remaining, these teams are desperate to qualify for TI11. Vici Gaming and Team Liquid faced off in the Lower Bracket Semifinal. Vici Gaming was able to claim first blood as they took game 1 after 39 minutes of DOTA. Team Liquid got their revenge in game 2, equalizing the series 1-1 after 44 minutes. After two games that went the distance, Team Liquid made quick work of Vici Gaming, finishing the series after a swift 22-minute finish. They advanced to the Lower Bracket Final to face off against

Game 1 of the Lower Bracket Final, between and Team Liquid, ended quicker than expected. Thanks to Micke’s flawless performance with his Pangolier, Team Liquid dominated early on and had tap out of the game after 30 minutes. Game 2 showcased Team Liquid’s brilliance in teamfighting and clashes. Their near-perfect execution had on the ropes, and they simply had no answer. After 32 minutes of action, Team Liquid secures their ticket to The International 2022.

Team Liquid and Team Secret reign victorious in the Last Chance Qualifiers. Two Western Europe representatives claimed the last spots of The International 2022. It is exciting to see what they can do in TI11, and their spots are well-deserved.

*Featured image via ONE Esports

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