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DOTA 2 LCQ: Playoffs Day 2

DOTA 2 LCQ: Playoffs Day 2
  • PublishedOctober 12, 2022

Day 2 of The International 2022 Last Chance Qualifiers: Playoffs have now concluded. As we inch closer to the conclusion, rivalries between teams are starting to heat up. It is another day of butt-clenching action and teams having their dreams crushed, but we look ahead to those who survived. Two teams will make the cut to qualify for The International 2022. The picture gets clearer and clearer as we advance further to the playoffs, but who will be on top?

Upper Bracket Semifinals


The teams have their eyes on the prize, win the Upper Bracket Semifinals, and you are two steps away from being qualified. These teams were on a mission, and they did everything in their power to make their dreams a reality. 

T1, the last hope of South East Asia, had a disappointing performance against the perennial TI team Team Secret. T1 struggled to gain momentum early on in game one and lost convincingly after 27 minutes of DOTA. Team Secret proceeded to finish them off in game two after 37 minutes of action, completing the 2-0 sweep and dropping down T1 to the Lower Bracket. Team Secret is now sitting pretty, awaiting their opponent in the Upper Bracket Final. and Team Liquid, the battle of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, went down to the wire. Game one of the series was a back-and-forth affair, two heavyweights exchanging blows and going the distance. Team Liquid claims game one after a rigorous 58 minutes of DOTA. found their momentum in game two refusing to get swept and forcing game three in 44 minutes of action. completes the gentleman’s sweep defeating Team Liquid in game three after 32 minutes, and they will face Team Secret in the Upper Bracket Finals.

Lower Bracket


It was a tough day as we saw four teams have their hearts broken, and their dream to qualify for TI11 was all for naught. Natus Vincere bid farewell to their chances as they lose to Xtreme Gaming after three games. Xtreme Gaming’s victory was short-lived as they got swept by Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. Vici Gaming dominated Wildcard Gaming, sweeping them to advance further in the Lower Bracket. In the second Lower Bracket Quarterfinal, Vici Gaming and T1 went head-to-head. After a thrilling series of games that could have gone either way, Vici Gaming sent T1 home, defeating them 2-1. South East Asia no longer has a representative for the Last Chance Qualifiers.

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