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DOTA 2 LCQ: Playoffs Day 1 Recap

DOTA 2 LCQ: Playoffs Day 1 Recap
  • PublishedOctober 11, 2022

The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifiers Playoffs have gone underway. Twelve teams will go head-to-head and knock each other out to claim the two final spots at The International 2022. The Playoffs will commence from October 10 to October 12, 2022. The Playoffs format will be double-elimination brackets and Best of Three matches. Now that elimination is a surefire possibility, expect the teams to fight for their lives.

In the Playoffs, the Upper Bracket teams have a clear advantage due to the double-elimination format. However, there are many times wherein a team who started in the lower bracket gets to ravage their way to the Grand Finals. Will we see another dream-come-true storyline in the Last Chance Qualifiers? Every team has the capability to do so.

Upper Bracket


The Upper Bracket Teams did not disappoint. They showcased their ability and resolve, which made them the Top Four teams in the Group Stages. The detail worth noting in this series of matches was that no team was able to secure a sweep! Every team gave it their all, and the games went head-to-head, going the distance requiring teams to finish off their opponents in game three. 

South East Asia representative T1 secures the series win against Natus Vincere in an exhilarating three-game series, securing their spot at the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. Perennial TI team Team Secret overcame Xtreme Gaming, pulling ahead and ensuring their place at the Semifinals, wherein they will face T1. sends Vici Gaming down to the lower bracket finishing them off 2-1, booking themselves a ticket to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Team Liquid locked in the last Upper Bracket Semifinals spot after dropping South East Asia representative Polaris Esports to the lower bracket. Team Liquid will face in the Upper Bracket Semifinals.

Lower Bracket


The dreaded Lower Bracket is a different animal as it imposes elimination on those who dare lose their matches. With the threat of elimination looming on their heads, teams play to their utmost potential to keep their dreams alive. However, there were three sweeps in the lower bracket at the end of day 1. 

Natus Vincere disposed of Tempest in a dominating fashion sweeping them 2-0 to advance further into the tournament. Xtreme Gaming went head-to-head with Infamous finishing the series off with a game three victory; they will face off against Natus Vincere in the second round of the Lower Bracket. Vici Gaming sends Nouns home with a sweep, utterly dominating them and securing their place in the second round. Wildcard Gaming sends South East Asia representative Polaris Esports packing with a clean sweep. Vici Gaming will face off against Wildcard Gaming in the Lower Bracket round 2.

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