Despite Surprising VCT Performance, Singaporean Team UwU Still Looking For Sponsors

Despite Surprising VCT Performance, Singaporean Team UwU Still Looking For Sponsors
  • PublishedAugust 20, 2021

Singaporean team UwU is still looking for sponsors or organizations to pick them up despite a relatively surprising run at VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs.

Posted in Ian “Chrysania” Chin’s Twitter, the team is currently looking for any type of sponsors, organizations, or support.

“Hi all! Team UwU is currently looking for any type of sponsors / orgs / support! As a fairly new team, we have managed to accomplish so much in a short time,” Chrysania tweeted.

He then pointed out that they were still able to fight on par with some of the best teams from Southeast Asia despite several setbacks.

According to Chrysania, the team was formed two weeks before the VCT-Malaysia & Singapore Stage 3 Week 1 qualifier.

“I was teamless and just wanted to find a team to play the qualifiers with. Then I just sourced around for all the free agents available,” Chrysania revealed in a private interview.

He was then able to form a team composed of Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam, Justin “Jarpix” Pooi, Darren “FirstLove” Mok, and Donovan “FANE” Chia.

They then set out to beat Paper Rex in their region’s VCT qualifiers. After that, they shocked the international scene by proceeding to have 1-1 against all the teams in Group D of the VCT SEA regionals.

“When we first beat Paper Rex, we were really hyped. Even one of my teammates, FrostyZ, cried,” Chrysania confessed. “We were kinda sad and disappointed with our performance in the regionals because it was one of the easier groups and we should have made it out to playoff,” he continued.

He believes that, with proper organizational support, they will be able to compete at the highest level of SEA Valorant again.

“We are thankful for everyone who has supported us and it means a lot to us, we will come back stronger and we will always try our best! UwU.”

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