Despite Hurdles, Bleed Persevered on their First Match at KJC Invitationals

Despite Hurdles, Bleed Persevered on their First Match at KJC Invitationals
  • PublishedOctober 3, 2021

From internet connection issues to having one player sick on game day, Bleed eSports persevered to perform well in their match against Five Ace e-Sports at the KJC eSports VALORANTInvitationals.

Bleed eSports was able to beat Five Ace e-Sports despite Ian “Chrysania” Chin being sick while Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam played with a balcony set-up due to internet connectivity issues.

As revealed by Chrysania in a tweet, he played the entirety of the match whilst experiencing a mild fever.

Via Chrysania’s Twitter

“Mild fever but [that] didn’t stop my team from taking the 2-0 against Five Ace e-Sports! First match [for Bleed eSports] and I’m really happy! Ggs my team played well [and] thanks for [the] carry,” Chrysania 

Meanwhile, FrostyZ was forced to play their match with Five Ace e-Sports on his balcony as his internet went down and that he had to rely on his mobile data.

Via FrostyZ’s Twitter

“So my internet went down and I had to pull my setup to play the tournament at the balcony with my data, we manage to 2-0 [Five Ace e-Sports], and thank you [teammates] for the carry. Enjoy the view,” FrostyZ tweeted.

Meanwhile, Bleed eSports has successfully qualified for the playoffs at the KJC eSports Invitationals as they took down Sharper Esports 2-1. Watch them get frags and win rounds in our invitationals at our official Twitch channel while VOD replays can be found on our YouTube channel.

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