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Despite Hurdles, Bleed Persevered on their First Match at KJC Invitationals

From internet connection issues to having one player sick on game day, Bleed eSports persevered to perform well in their match against Five Ace e-Sports at the KJC eSports VALORANTInvitationals.

Bleed eSports was able to beat Five Ace e-Sports despite Ian “Chrysania” Chin being sick while Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam played with a balcony set-up due to internet connectivity issues.

As revealed by Chrysania in a tweet, he played the entirety of the match whilst experiencing a mild fever.

Via Chrysania’s Twitter

“Mild fever but [that] didn’t stop my team from taking the 2-0 against Five Ace e-Sports! First match [for Bleed eSports] and I’m really happy! Ggs my team played well [and] thanks for [the] carry,” Chrysania 

Meanwhile, FrostyZ was forced to play their match with Five Ace e-Sports on his balcony as his internet went down and that he had to rely on his mobile data.

Via FrostyZ’s Twitter

“So my internet went down and I had to pull my setup to play the tournament at the balcony with my data, we manage to 2-0 [Five Ace e-Sports], and thank you [teammates] for the carry. Enjoy the view,” FrostyZ tweeted.

Meanwhile, Bleed eSports has successfully qualified for the playoffs at the KJC eSports Invitationals as they took down Sharper Esports 2-1. Watch them get frags and win rounds in our invitationals at our official Twitch channel while VOD replays can be found on our YouTube channel.

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