Chrysania, Jarpix, FrostyZ Depart From Bleed Esports

Chrysania, Jarpix, FrostyZ Depart From Bleed Esports
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2021

Ian “Chrysania” Chin, Justin “Jarpix” Pooi, and Muhammad “FrostyZ” Adam’s departure from Bleed eSports was recently announced by the newly formed org on their Twitter account.

“They say all good things must come to an end. With that being said, we would like to thank Chrysania, Jarpix, and FrostyZ on embarking this journey with us. We wish them the best in their future endeavours,” Bleed tweeted.

Although Bleed did not include the reason behind the players’ departure, Chrysania and Jarpix revealed internal conflicts between the players were the reason for their disbandment.

The first one to tweet, Jarpix revealed that the team was fighting among themselves. He also added that he was more focused on cryptocurrency rather than on VALORANT nowadays.

“[Bleed eSports is] disbanding because of internal fights. [I] don’t really have the drive to grind anymore [as] I’m too into the crypto/NFT space now. [Currently] not actively [looking for a team]. [It has] been an insane time playing at the highest level with the boys. Never expected to go so far with no prior competitive experience,” Jarpix exposed.

On the other hand, Chrysania affirmed the reason behind the team’s disbandment.

“Decided to leave bleed due to the roster not being on the same page,” Chrysania tweeted.

The former team captain of the Team UwU and Bleed eSports roster also revealed that he will be taking a break from VALORANT. However, Chrysania stated that he will be open to offers from other teams who may be interested in picking him.

“[I] will be taking a break from VALORANT unless there are any existing teams interested in trialing me. Able to flex all agents, do drop me a dm if you’re interested,” Chrysania announced.

Meanwhile, the other members of Bleed, especially FrostyZ, have yet to release their own public statements regarding the team’s disbandment. 
From the looks of it, the remaining members of Bleed, namely Darren “FirstLove” Mok, and  Lee “LEXY” Jun Hao Xavier, together with coach Aaron “Eno” Cheah, will be staying with the team as they rebuild the roster.

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